Taking care of a Mahina bag

  1. LV Mahina XXL white calf leather Jan 08.jpg

    I want to buy the Mahina XXL bag, but it's my first LV and I want to know what I can expect with regards to maintenance and the bag turning color. how fast and what color? How to prevent and take care of it etcetce. Please, all you bag owners out there-- could you give me some advice?! :confused1: Thank you!!!
  2. Well I have the Onatah GM which uses the same perforated leather. The leather is VERY soft and it will scratch if you're not careful with it. Also, dust particles will get into the perforations so always store it in the dustbag (but even so, it will have some dust in the holes).
    As for changing colour, I personally don't think it will cuz LV uses very high quality staining. If you get it in gris it may get more dirty with use, but the leather will not change colour unless there's prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  3. what about the handle bars turning black or ivory/yellow? Since the noraml tan colored LVs will go patina....will this white one change to another color as well???? Thank you for your answer!
  4. with prolonged use, i believe the gris mahina will become DIRTY (just like white suhali) due to sweating, moisture, handcream that we put on our hands and arms...etc. There's a difference between yellowing of a bag on its own, and inevitable accumulation of dirt
  5. ok-- THANK YOU for your advice!!
  6. I am looking into possibly buying a Mahina and am torn between the Black and Grey. The grey's perforations are more obvious and it's a unique color, I don't have a purse anywhere near this tone. The black can go with everything and is timeless.

    THANKS for the input on the white or grey Mahina. I learn so much from all of you.!
  7. Black gets my vote. For a bag with this price tag I tend to get black so I don't have to worry as much and get to enjoy the bag.
  8. I have my Grey. It's TDF! :tup:
  9. I am thinking about buying the Mahina in Grey - but how much care does it really need? It's so expensive (ugh!)