taking back gold speedy.....

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  1. Ok--im not impressed with the bling bling of this gold speedy and dont feel like listing it on ebay cuz im lazy, seriously I am LOL.

    Im taking it back to the SF store, so I can have my SA hold it for you...if they allow me that is.

    I really hope im not going to regreat it, but I already ended up buying a few chanel things to compensate, so it really has to go back :nuts:
  2. That's really nice of you.:girlsigh: Hope you don't regret it.....someone will be very happy:yes:
  3. I wish I could have purchased it from you:crybaby:

    ...all I have to say is DH's :heart: X-mas gift better be a dosey..or he's in trouble for asking me to wait!:yes:
  4. Sorry to hear it didn't work out.
  5. Im very happy with my new chanel bags and jewlery :smile:

    I think the bag is more of a collectors piece then something I personally would wear out in public. I wear 7 jeans, chucks and wife beaters...so I dont know how that would have worked out with such a blingy gold bag hehe

  6. LOL. Yah, I have only used my gold Papillon. All the others I just look at. :Push:
  7. That sounds like a hot outfit :yes:

    but i know how you feel..if you're not comfortable then it doesn't matter how beautiful or whatever it is:smile:
  8. you will make someone soo happy with that bag!!
  9. i'll go with chanel over the mirior anyway :smile:
  10. :nuts: :sweatdrop: ;)
  11. haha thanks gals, you gals have made me feel more confident about my decision to let it go!

    LIKE lv, but LOVE chanel :smile:
    come over to the darkside sometime (aka, chanel forum lol) :smile:
  12. Honestly, I don't know what your Chanel bag looks like, but you will probably carry it more than the mirroir bag. I can appreciate the Mirroir line as objects, but to carry...not so much!

    BTW, I wear Chucks and wife beaters with my LV all of the time and get the "shoe check out" all of the time. You know, the "if she's wearing THOSE shoes, her bags are probably FAKE" look?
  13. You should sell it
  14. That's so sweet of you, you'll make somebody very happy :smile:

  15. I was considering it, but turns out that my 14days is up this tuesday..even though they didnt ship the bag to me until 12/11..they lied, and charged me a week before sending it out. urgh.

    so even if i DID list it, I would need to do a 3 day auction and I dont know what it is with people who want to go bid crazy and then take 3589458390 days to pay LMFAO.