Taking antibiotics whilst pregnant...

  1. I would be extremely grateful for any help and advice that can be given.
    Okay so about 4 days ago i came down with what i thought was just a standard cold (constant runny nose) and i get a few of these a year so i didn't worry too much and just carried on with what i would normally do, which involved a shopping trip on Saturday, but then during the day i started coughing and then bringing up phlegm.
    By the time i was on the train home i began having real difficulty breathing and it honestly felt like i was having an asthma attack (something that i have not suffered with since being a teenager)
    When we got home my husband rang the NHS helpline for advice which resulted in them calling an ambulance so the paramedics came out to check me out and then take me to hospital.
    At the hospital i saw a doctor whom informed me that i have a chest infection which was then setting off asthma issues that had been latent since my teens and so he prescribed me Erythromycin (2 250mg tabs 4 times a day) plus an inhaler. He would of prescribed Penicillin he said but i am allergic and according to him Erythromycin is safe to take whilst being pregnant (i am 17 weeks + 4 days)
    Now yesterday i began having stomach cramps that have gotten worse today, and i know that stomach issues can be a side effect of the antibiotics so i have called my doctors and am just awaiting a call back from a doctor...
    So i have been worried anyway about taking antibiotics whilst pregnant but now i am even more worried because if the tablets are making me feel this bad then can they harm the baby?
    I am really scared because even though this baby was unplanned it is now very much wanted and loved and i cannot stand the thought of having another miscarriage...
    Has anybody experienced anything like this and had a happy and healthy baby at the end of it?
  2. Your baby is quite unaware of the discomfort you're in - or so I've been told! Don't worry that baby is feeling as sick as you are.

    I would say that the stomach cramps are very likely a side effect of the antibiotics.

    I'm sure everything is fine, but it never hurts to get a doctor's opinion.
  3. I had to have anti-biotics for an ear and skin infection at 13 weeks and DS is now a happy and healthy ten month old. The tablets upset my stomach at the time too.

    Your doctor can always arrange for a scan if they are at all concerned but it does sound normal to me.
  4. I was put on antibiotics for a bad cold that turned into an infection - just like you. I was told by 2 different doctors that the general antibiotics are safe during pregnancy. I was also worried that antibiotics might be harmful to my baby too. Apparently the infection could be harmful if left untreated. LO is now 4 months and she turned out fine. The only side effects I could recall whilst on antibiotics were constipation, and my urine was this nasty neon yellow color with a very bad distinctive smell.

    If you're worried about those cramps, you should call your doctor and have them do an ultrasound.

  5. Well the doctor called me back and actually suggested that i come off the antibiotics and has given me an appointment to see her in the morning, and i definately think the stomach cramps are just a side effect of the antibiotics, but it does make you worry when you are expecting, thankyou for your reassurance :biggrin:

    Oh thanks so much for that, it is really great to know that your baby was fine, i guess the worrying comes from the fact that although the government has not found any side effects related to taking these antibiotics whilst pregnant there has been no actual studies done on humans (only animals) so they cannot be 100% sure, but your happy ending definately makes me more optimistic :smooch:

    That is seriously why i am worried to stop taking them (because like you mentioned it can be more serious to the health to let an infection run rampant) but now the doctor has recommended that i stop taking them i am even more confused. I seriously would not worry at all about stomach cramps if i wasn't pregnant, i have always been one to just 'get on with things' when i am ill but being pregnant aswell now has me so concerned for baby :sad:

    Glad to hear that your little one came out well, it helps to know that other ladies like yourself have been through it and all has ended happily xoxo
  6. When I was FIRST pregnant (like 3-4 weeks) I was put on a pretty potent antibiotic to clear an infection in my tooth prior to a root canal. At that point, I wasn't even certain I was pregnant! I got my BFP during the period of time between being on my antibiotic and having the dentist appointment, so I let my doctor know (and my dentist, as I wanted to be sure any painkillers would be OK). Everything turned out great. Happy and healthy 3 month old!

    Maybe a different antibiotic for your infection will be nicer on your tummy, and you will feel more at ease. Also, eat yogurt! It will help calm your tummy AND help you prevent a yeast infection.
  7. I needed strong medication for other problems during my pregnancy and my Consultant said he had only ever seen one birth defect from medication during pregnancy and it was epilepsy medication (so obviously the lady concerned couldn't stop taking those). I'm not saying it doesn't happen but my Consultant was due to retire so had seen a fair number of births I'm guessing.

    If you're getting conflicting stories then phone your hospital consultant or ask your midwife to get in touch with them for you as a matter of urgency. GPs will always err on the side of caution as it's not their specialist field; you can ask your GP to refer you to the hospital for a scan too (although it may take a few days for an appointment to be free).
  8. I took antibiotics while pregnant, they are safe.
    If there is a medication that is unsafe for pregnancy, they don't prescribe it. There are usually alternative eds that are safe. But antibiotics are 100% safe, they give them to babies for infections too.
  9. Awww thankyou so much for this post, it has reassured me a lot and you are so right about the yoghurt, although i only have prebiotic yoghurt, is that still okay?

    I haven't taken my third dose of the day only because the doctor said to come off them for now until she can see me tomorrow and she can re-evaluate, i am just scared now that the chest infection will get worse, because apart from the stomach cramping that i am certain is a side effect of the antibiotics then i feel okay, i really think the antibiotics have been working against the infection and i don't want it coming back again full force...

    She did suggest to call the numbers on my green form in order to get through to the hospital if i was still concerned but the problem with that is that they will always err on the side of caution and take me in, and i don't know if i fancy yet another trip to the hospital so i think i will just wait until tomorrow and see what the doc says.

    I know that antibiotics will be nothing like the thalidomide disaster but it just concerns me that there has been no human clinical trials on the use of antibiotics in pregnant women, but i am guessing that you are right in that if there had been a pattern of miscarriages or birth defects linked with taking them whilst pregnant then they would no longer prescribe them, so thankyou for being the voice of reason to a panicked pregnant lady, lol!

    I was googling and i came across this link: http://antibiotics.emedtv.com/erythromycin/erythromycin-and-pregnancy.html (and a few others that were similar) which is what started alarm bells going off in me in the first place, but i guess that they really wouldn't prescribe them unless they thought they were necessary and i honestly could hardly breathe Saturday night so they were definately needed, i just hope that the doctor tomorrow can help advise on the next best steps to take...
  10. First of all do not worry. No harm has happened to the baby. They are usually not affected by the drugs which the mother took. There are no congenital defects reported due to Erythromycin use. If you have cold sores, know more about Safe and unsafe medications during pregnancy. However always do so after confirming with your doctor.