Taking a Poll: Would you rent an authentic, designer bag (not online!)?

  1. Dear Ladies:

    I am interested in knowing whether you think there is a market for renting designer bags. I know there are a couple of websites that offer this, but if there were a store in your town that had a variety of authentic bags for rent, would you go there? What do you think are the pros and cons of such a potential retail location?

    Thank you in advance
  2. Interesting idea,but no I would not. I 'm super careful with my bags . Also I would not want to carry a bag a neighbor or friend had carried the week before. If this is a business you want to start be careful. People aren't always careful when something doesn't belong to them. You might want to take a quick picture before each rental and charge them for any damage if the bag comes back say with a wine stain or something. Good luck.
  3. :nogood: dcooney4, brings up a great point. Since people are not always as careful as they should be, there is a big chance the designer (expensive) purse will get ruined. Therefore, the membership price and rental price will be high. I might as well save that money to eventually buy the designer purse I want.
  4. No. Nope. Nay.

    By the way, have you seen someof the "rental" prices? Outrageous!
  5. If the purse got ruined, I assume the person would have to pay for the damage... I might do this, but only for special occasions and to rent a rare bag in a color or something I couldnt afford or wouldn't get much use out of.
  6. not me either, i would save the money to buy instead
  7. You know, I would actually use this, but very rarely. I've often wished I could try out a bag style for a day or two to see if it worked for me -- especially if it is an expensive bag. Check out the weight, pocket placement, etc. I would never return a bag after carrying it, so this would be the only way I could do that. But like I said, it wouldn't be something I'd use often, so I wouldn't be much of a customer base.
  8. No, simply because used things really ick me out. I mean, buying a slightly used, one-owner bag on eBay is one thing...but something that God-knows how many people have rented? Ew. I've seen the way some people treat their bags.
  9. Me too. Only if there was a really specific bag I wanted for a special occassion that I wouldn't need otherwise.
  10. Nope :nogood: I'd much rather save money to buy a bag that I can keep
  11. I'd prefer to save up and buy a new bag for myself instead of renting, you never know what the last person did to it or where they brought it to!