taking a nap at LV.......zzzzzz

  1. [​IMG]
    nah.... she was just really upset that we were spending too much time looking at bags..... so she got angry and lays down on the floor.....

    good thing, there weren't too many people around....how embarrasing!!! right?!

    then the sweetest store manager comes out and lays down with her.....



    then change location.... to different mall....
    can you see LV?!

    little break - right in the middle of mall.....

    little pit stop at Dior before LV, right next door....
  2. omg, sophia is just tooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! she must have 2 very good looking parents. :yes: i love how the store mgr laid down next to her. and your le fab is taking a break too i see. hee hee.
  3. Too funny...you need to vacation in Hawaii (or me in Florida) so we can take out two liitle ones to LV together!
  4. [​IMG]
    she LOVES this lovely SA! they always play.........

    then start to digging in mommy's bag there....at LV!!!!!:sweatdrop:

    and started to hand out what's inside....to SAs, nicccccceee........NO BABY!:push:
  5. Aah! How cute! It's always nice to have a fabulous LV store with kind SA's.
  6. I love that pic of the store manager lying next to her!!! :nuts:

    Which mall is this? It's pretty!

  7. heeheeee.....thank you~~!
  8. yeah, let's! come to Fla~~~!:heart: ;)
  9. mall at millenia...in orlando, fla!:p :heart: i love it there, not too busy!
  10. That's so cute- some stores seem to get better SAs than others.
  11. Adorable!! Next time I make my DH go shopping with me and he starts to get restless (usually within 15 minutes), I'll just tell him to stretch out and relax for a while!
  12. How gorgeous... I just showed my friend we both "Awwwwed" together... So adorable. That Store manager is awesome hahaha
  13. Millenia? Aww, I haven't been there since the Dior opened :p How big is the LV? It looks bigger in your pics than I remember.
  14. she's adorable sophia! i've always been a fan of your little daughter but now I'm an even bigger fan!

    the store manager and the SA are so sweet! and the other pics of your daughter roaming the mall is cute too! hahaha i'm glad you arent like my parents, they wouldve been like "get up, the floor is dirty!!" no matter where i was!!
  15. [​IMG]


    thank you guys!!!!

    both of stores that we go to.....all the SA's are so sweet and super sweet to both of us! you guys need to go shopping with us.....we'll get FREE stickers! LOL :graucho: :heart: ;)