Taking a LV break and selling my collection

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  1. I have been loving LV lately and then suddenly I woke up one day and was tired of alot of my brand new bags, indigo stillwood, damier azur speedy, mandarin soufflot and the mini lin speedy.. I just listed them all on eBay.. its hard to sell them for lots less than I pay for them but I would rather " get" something for them then let them just sit in my closet. I am suddenly in a low profile mood. I want more mulberry and understated bags,... I am sure I will be lurking on LV but for now I am taking a break..
    Any advice how to get more for my lv bags on eBay? I have a really bad digital camera and the pics are not great
  2. I think you should take a lot of photos and please include close ups of the heat stamp, zippers, must show the date code and show the bag from every angle and describe everything as is. If you have dustbags and boxes add those as well. If you have a receipt for each bag, that's great, just black out your name and CC details.Do your research and see what similar bags are going for. I hope this helps.
  3. receipt, datecode and harware photos should help you.
  4. Recently last yr end i also felt the same as u.. & i sold off my coach hobo, gucci pelham (which is my fav!!!), damier porte-monnaie wallet etc :crybaby:its heartbreaking but i rather 'let go' of them than hanging on and keeping them in the closet... sigh. Although I'm an eBay member however i'm not sure how to use the paypal thingy... so i sold most of my bags in Yahoo SG... in Yahoo though, sellers r only allow 3 pics max so i always use my Sony K850i to shot the bags with front,back and inside view of the bag... :smile:
  5. Thanks everyone, my digital camera is the WORST! I cannot find the heatstamp on a few bags. I have no clue where its located on the soufflot. But I am furnishing a receipt for all of them except the damier azur that one was a gift.. I hate to lose the money but I would hate even more to keep them and not ever wear them.
  6. I would put lots of pics up.
  7. Claudia, There is a thread on here somewhere that tells you where to look for your date code on different bags. Heaps of people here have the soufflot. You can get really good digitals cheaply now so maybe you should invest in one before you sells your bags as I know when I am looking through ebay for bags there is nothing worse than bad pics.
  8. Soufflot date stamp is behind the D-ring tab in your bag! I stumbled upon it on a day that I was bored and cleaning my bags!
  9. Im closing this thread as we discourage promoting sales on the forum. Sorry.
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