Taking a break...

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  1. Really, it's not you, its me...

    I won't be around for a while. This place is too addicting, too time consuming, and on some of the boards, the drama is just too thick for me to deal with these days. Too much whining and nastiness, too much behavior that I can't agree with during these sales, things I see people doing.

    At any rate, this is supposed to be fun. And right now it's not anymore. So I'll come back in a few months and see how you are all doing. But just so you don't wonder...I think eventually we all hit a place on here where we need a little "break," right?

    Happy hunting ladies...
  2. #2 Jan 11, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2009
    Oh no!:hugs: I am so sorry you are feeling this way!

    I have taken breaks in the past and it has helped clarify the meaning TPF has in my life. The first few months I joined TPF was my life:Push: and lots of purses and other items later, I realized I needed to take a break.

    So I understand how you are feeling and please know you will be missed!
    I cannot imagine our YSL subforum without your comments, M-A, so I hope you occasionally visit us.:urock:
  3. Oh my, we are going to miss you Melissa Ann! Sadly, I think the sales bring out the nasty in lots of our TPF members.....I stopped posting some Saks finds b/c of PMs I was receiving.....however, there are always those few bad apples.:peace:

    It is all in fun and fellowship.....you will be missed while you are away!:hugs:
  4. Will miss you Melissa Ann. Hopefully you will come back soon!!
  5. Geez, I see what you mean about the whining and nastiness! That thread should be closed. There is too much chit chat and very little posts on deals. :nogood:
  6. I hope you get to clear your mind during this break. It actually sounds like a wonderful idea, to get a respite from all of this bag craziness. You're right, sometimes it can be overwhelming, and overly addictive and it's really cool that you've decided for yourself that what you need is a little breather. I hope you and your kids are well, and we'll definitely miss all of your comments and wonderful energy!

    See you in a few months!
  7. Totally understood about how this can be a time sink. But don't stay away because a couple of ladies hijack a thread to chit chat or be snarky. There's still a lot of fun and support on TPF!
  8. So sorry to hear this. I know that many people across the globe are under tons of stress now and I think people take it out in any other venue, sometimes the forum. I see the amount of drama growing on the forum, and apologize for that. We try to handle it as possible.

    You are a well respected and loved member, many will miss you.

    Typically these threads we move into General Discussion or just close. Since this is drama free, just telling them that you need a little break, I can leave it open until morning then close. Better in here than GD, but we won't keep it open for too long, just wanted to let you know.

  9. whoa, i guess ihaven't been here long enough, i have no idea about the drama and nastiese that's going on
  10. Will miss you too! I completely understand the taking a break part - and especially during all this recent sales/ recession madness. I joined in 2006 and took a break of nearly a year until I found my way back here..

    I wish you well and hope that after all this madness has died down I'll see you back here doing what we love - discussing bags!
  11. Hope to see you back soon Melissa Ann. We will miss you.

    I believe that the drama that was referred to occurred outside the YSL subforum, but all members should know that if they come across any inappropriate behavior on tPF, they shouldn't hesitate to contact the mods/admins through a reported post or PM.
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