Taking a Break...

  1. After much thought, I need to take a break from the forum. While you ladies are AWESOME, I need to learn impulse control and how to not spend spend spend on bags that I love, but don't necessarily need. I've had one too many fights with DH about spending money and I just need to stop for a while. :sad:

    I am putting myself on a Coach (and Coach thread) ban until June 1st. I will see you all then!
  2. I will be sad to see you go for so long, but I understand. I admire you for having such restraint to not be on the forum. I know that no purses are worth your family.

    I will "see" you when you get back! Good Luck!!!! :heart:
  3. We will all miss you! Hope everything gets resolved and good luck hunn. See you soon! :love:HUGS:flowers:
  4. We'll miss you - but kudos to you for your self control and for putting more important things in your life before purses.

    See you in June and have a good few months.
  5. We will miss you! I can definitely see where you are coming from! Monday, I will have 6 bags....and it's been pretty steady that I've been getting a bag about every month or so:push:sad:so bad, I know)....and the Coachies give too much temptation with their gorgeous bags. The more I see, the more I want...lol. So I see where you are coming from! I think that's very big of you to be able to restrain yourself. I think I need to do the same:sweatdrop:
  6. We (and I) will miss you. You know what is best but we'll be sad without you. See you in June unless you decide that you can come back earlier.
  7. You definitely have to do what you have to do, especially if you have little or no self control!! You can do it!! Besides, that tobacco belted Ergo should hold you over for a while!! I know I'm satisfied after buying it!!

    We'll see you soon enough, bag twin!!
  8. We will all miss you, can't wait until you come back!!! :balloon:
  9. We will all be sad to see you go, but obviously you and your family have to come first. I totally know where you are coming from because I just really got into this forum about 12 months ago and it went out of control for a long time :wtf: I was buying/selling/trading/returning forever.. there was always another bag, another pic, another post that made me want more more more! :nuts: It was out of control. I thought several times about leaving but was too addicted and now luckily I (think) :rolleyes: I have it under control. For me it was a honeymoon phase and another thing that helps is I don't want a lot of bags.. don't want to spend the $$ or have a ton of them so I have always rotated them but now I know there will ALWAYS be something out there that is faster, shinier, brighter, cuter, etc. The fact is I don't have to have everything I see that I like. Man, I really do need therapy.. here I am writing a book!!!! Sorry! :p Anyway we are all here for you and I wish you the very very best.. can't wait to see you around again in June, and if you decide to come back sooner, we will be here!! :tup: PS I have to add, I have also been going more on the other forums on here including the money talks.. the curbing consumerism thread is awesome and I love the beauty bar.. I had never even explored out of coach before! :tup:
  10. I can completely understand, I am headed that way myself. I am averaging a bag or two a month and i need to cool it for a bit. I did this last year, I went 4 months w/out buying any new coach and it really did help the pocket book.
  11. You need to do what is best for you. We will miss you though-I don't know ho wto say it any better than the other posts in this thread have.
  12. We'll miss you! It is totally understandable though! It is so difficult to not want to buy all the beautiful things that everyone gets here! Good luck with your ban!
  13. We will miss you! I totally understand where you're coming from. After I indulged my wants/needs for every bag I liked when I joined the forum, I realized I was getting out of control (and my hubby did too). I try to purchase the bags and colors that I really need to go with my outfits and tend to admire the posts of other items that I don't need but really like (if that makes sense). I you pretty much limit your spending to what you really need and use that will help you a lot. Good luck and hope to see you back here soon.
  14. We'll miss you! You made a difficult decision but in the end Your family is more important than Coach. Stay healthy and see you in June!
  15. I completely know where you're coming from. I'm actually taking a break too. Coach really hasn't made a bag I ABSOLUTELY love for some time now. I've just been buying because of this forum...I've become obsessed! LOL....I just bought a Cole Haan bag on sale that I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with!!! I have not worn anything but Coach for the past 2 years!!!! Anyway, decided to take a break from this forum as well and just enjoy my new Cole Haan for the rest of the season. :tup: Hopefully, Coach will win me back this Fall....