Taking a break...

  1. NO this thread is NOT about me taking a break from LV, so don't jump to conclusions and don't shoot me :p

    I'm here to say good-bye for awhile; I've decided to take a break from the LV forum. This is partly because I'm well into the school year and being in second year Engineering I'm getting busier and busier every day and taking a break will help me focus on my school work (since I spend the majority of my free time in here)

    My other reason for taking a break is because during the past month or so, I've seen too much negativity on this forum...much more than usual. Sometimes I see opinions that are TOO strong...to the point where the poster is getting pretty defensive. Also, being called a traitor to LV and seeing negative comments made about "those people" who have left the forum don't really make me feel welcome here any more. It seems like comments like those are everywhere. Yeah, I was losing interest in LV, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm selling off all my LVs and never coming back. I just wish I could come back to this forum where I felt most "at home" and talk to other people about bags and not see all these negative comments in other people's threads.

    Anyway, enough ranting already, I'll still be around TPF, although the amount of time I spend in other forums combined don't even add up to the time I spend in the LV forum. I'll still continue to participate in RAOK, and I will check messages from time to time, but I won't be posting and I most likely will only read the summary threads. I could come back in mid December when I'm less busy, but we'll see about that.

    If you have anything negative to say about my thread, please refrain from posting it to the public. You may email me about it, but I would appreciate it if you could just keep it to yourself.

    Until we chat about bags again! :heart:
  2. Bye Karman. :flowers:

    Maybe you should've reported the comments you found offensive? I'm sure megs and vlad would like everyone to feel welcome, and even though I totally understand you want to spend more time on education(I shold be doing that too O.o), that someone feel like they aren't welcome, Im sure that's not how this forum is aimed to be.

    Maybe your disinterest in LV came in the worst time, it's was during a time LV as a brand was very much attacked and maybe a lot of people felt like any or even more "LV bores me, it's getting too much, bad quality, I'm done" became too much.
  3. Bye and good luck with school :flowers:

    I'll miss your posts about your new bags beacause they always are amazing!
  4. I love looking at your gorgeous bags too and will miss your posts, I don't often post, a lot of the time I just read. But I can understand where you are coming from, it takes a lot of time to be active here. Best of luck with your studies..
  5. Karman, am I having a deja vu or have you already posted a thread that you're leaving us? I swear you have or am I confusing you with someone else?

    Anyway, good luck with your studies!
  6. ^ I think she posted a thread about taking a break from LV but was still going to stick around the forum, and that's where a lot of the negativity popped up.

    I've seen the negativity too and that's why I'm not here as much either. Good luck with your studies, they are the most important!!
  7. ^ Negativity? That's not good to hear :sad: Sorry I only remember reading the blurb when you pass your mouse over the thread - I didn't actually read it so had no idea. Thanks for clearing that up (I seriously thought I was losing my mind!).

    No biggie Karman, you'll be back!
  8. Good Luck.. We will miss you.
  9. karman, u will be nearly missed here. :smile:
    please come back.
  10. Bye Karman, good luck in school!

    Secretly i hope to see a post of you soon, gosh you have such an amazing collection! But till then, bye bye!
  11. Good luck with school, dont be a stranger to the forum....
  12. Take care and good luck with school ... looking forward to you coming back! I love your collection, you do have awesome bags!
  13. good luck. we will miss you
  14. karman, i know exactly what you mean. reading a few of these offensive responses leaves a real bitter feeling with me.

    of course taking a break from the forums to focus on school is a good thing :smile:

    we'll miss you and look forward to you coming back.
  15. You will be missed...