Taking a B40 to NYC???

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  1. Hey Y'all! I recently got a Birkin 40, and I am obsessed with it. I have a upcoming trip to NYC(December) and I am trying to decide if I want to take it. I would love take it when I go shopping on 5th ave but I just worry about my safety. I have been to NYC once before but this time I will be alone. Do a lot of people carry Birkins or Hermes bags in NYC?? Thanks in advance!!
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  2. They’re everywhere. You’ll be fine.
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  3. Birkins are everywhere in NYC. Madison Ave is better than 5th ;)
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  4. They are everywhere in Manhattan. But if you really don't want to take it with you, don't. My main concern though will be that it is heavy to tote around the city. So make sure you bring something "lighter" in case you need to switch out bags. Enjoy the city!
  5. Ditto all of the above. You should be fine - and weight is a valid concern. Bags, even in the lightest leather will feel increasingly heavier as you walk more. NYC is really something in December. Welcome and have fun :smile:.
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  6. Absolutely they carry them. You'll blend in.
  7. +1
  8. this thread makes me want to go to NYC :girlsigh:
  9. U won’t look out of place carrying a Birkin around NYC! But if you like to carry your Birkin open with the flap tucked in, just keep an eye out for pick pockets. If you are going to be in the city particularly around any of the major holidays, tourists flock to 5th Avenue and the sidewalks can get really crowded. Enjoy your trip! The city will look spectacular in December.
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  10. Thank y'all for the information!! I will be taking my birkin and a small LV crossbody that way when I go to touristy areas I can just take the crossbody. So excited to be in my favorite city!!
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  11. No worries about carrying your Birkin in the land of OZ.
    You will fit in with many who walk the streets with their Kellys, Birkins & Chanels
    Enjoy yourself
  12. For sure you will fit in on Madison Ave, but I would make sure to not leave the bag open (I get that folks want to show off the "Hermes" signature ..) because there are masters of thievery in NYC and especially (unfortunately) around the holidays as they know that there will be a lot of folks looking at the retail store windows!

    You will have a great time; NYC is just fantastic around the holidays .. beautifully lit up, but not in a vulgar way! You MUST go to Rockefeller Center and see the big tree and see the folks ice-skating! Around that area, is Teuscher Chocolates (a huge favorite) that have the most divine Champagne truffles! Yeah, they aren't cheap, but they are a great treat!
  13. Other than safety concerns, is your B made of all-weather-proof leather? NYC in winter = rain, possibly also snow. Togo, Clemence, Chèvre and Epsom should do fine, Barenia or Sombrero not so much.

    Incidentally, my go-to 100% safe, ultralight & weatherproof touristy bag is always a Travelon or PacSafe. No one even tries to pick or snatch those!
  14. Rockefeller Center and Fifth Avenue can become shoulder-to-shoulder tourists, depending on how close to Christmas.
    A great time of year to visit.
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  15. My guess is you'll get tired toting around a B40, but it won't stand out in the slightest in Manhattan and many other parts of NYC
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