Taking 8 yr old grandson to N.Y-suggestions!

  1. Going to N.Y. next month, hubby and I, my son and 8 yr old grandson. Would love suggestions for hotels, we stay at the W, but were wondering if any hotels might have two connecting rooms or a different arrangement and which might be more kid oriented., also, special places to take him to....We are excited to be able to show him N.Y for the first time.....YAY!:heart:
  2. I have three children age 21, 17, and 9. They all love Time Square. So last summer we actually stayed at Marriott Hotel on Broadway right next to the worlds' biggest ToysRus. There's so much to do around there, kids loved it! Make sure to check out the Wax Museum. Have fun!:yahoo:
  3. I'd take him to Fao Schwartz.
  4. There's the Magnolia Bakery.

    The Disney Store is HUGE!

    There's the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park.

    Check out this link: Places for Kids in NYC

    If it's still cold enough, you could go ice skating at Rockefeller Center.
  5. Perhaps there's a museum or something he'd like to see? Lots of great museums in NY.
  6. The American Museum of Natural History is GREAT for kids. You can also see if there are any "kid friendly" plays or musicals around. He may get a kick out of one of those double decker bus tours and there is the Circle Line (boat ride around Manhattan). I would check New York magazine or Time Out New York. They usually have things listed.
    Have fun.
  7. Guys thanks so much, I left out on purpose, the fact that this little guy had to have his right eyed surgically removed last summer due to a birth problem that went unnoticed by docs., he underwent 4 surgeries during his first year but was able to keep his eye until last year went it became too painful, etc., etc., he is a complete trooper and has the most incredible sense of humor and is a gorgeous kid., so we want to make his trip to N.Y., super special., keep the inputs coming, I went to N.Y for the first time at age 8 and remember how special it was.......thanks and keep them coming!!!!!
  8. I'd take a camera so he can show his classmates all of the pics when he gets back! :nuts:
  9. Aww!:crybaby: Your poor son! He really is a trooper! Best wishes to him and have an amazing time in NYC!!
  10. Well, you definitely need to take him to FAO Schwarz on 59th (?) and 5th Avenue, then there is Dylan's Candy Bar on 61st and 3rd, the Museum of Natural History. Kids also love Serendipity on 61st between 2nd and 3rd, you have to have their frozen hot chocolate. Someone mentioned Magnolia Bakery, but I like the cupcakes from Cupcake Cafe better, there is one on 18th Street inside a children's book store. Maybe he'll like that. There is also the Children's Museum of Manhattan, which has a lot of interactive, learning exhibitions.
  11. Statue of Liberty?
    Empire State Building?

    Definitely Fao Schwartz!
  12. FAO Schwartz and the Hershey's store in Times Square.
  13. -Sarabeth's on Central Park West is great (make a reservation!)
    -Dylan's Candy Bar is quickly becoming an institution here, and be prepared for wall-to-wall racks of candy!
    -The Natural History Museum also has an IMAX, if you guys feel up for it
    -ESPN Zone in Times Square
    -Totonno's, for authentic thin crust pizza
    -Chinatown would be a really cool place to show him, but try not to go on a weekend
    -South Street Seaport is fun if it's not too cold- you can see the Brooklyn Bridge and the ships
    -If he's not too young, maybe a tour of the UN?
    -Five Poins is a great brunch place, too

    Feel free to PM me if you'd like ideas for a Broadway show!

    AVOID Top of the Rock at Rock Center, only because it's such a rip-off and the Empire State Building is a much better deal. It's much prettier at night (and easier to get in), though.
  14. Great musicals on Broadway right now for kids are the Lion King, Tarzan, Beauty & the Beast, and Mary Poppins. You could try and get half-price tickets at the TKTS booth- google TKTS for times & locations for purchase.
  15. I totally agree w/ all the suggestions...I feel like jumping on a train! I was just there 2 weeks ago but I love it. Your grandson will have the best time. There is also a Children's theater call the New Victory around on 42nd st. We are members there and they have really great inexpensive shows. In February they have one about "Alice in Wonderland". We are actually going to see it so I don't know how it is yet but the shows are usually phenomonal. Their website is Newvictory.org

    My boys are 9 and they liked the Museum of Natural History and we take them to eat at Ruby foos which is asian but they also have a typical children's menu for picky eaters like one of my sons. It's good!