Taking 2 bags to uni?

  1. Okay... well I have a Speedy 25 and was thinking about taking it to Uni but since I don't own a 30 or anything bigger then I'll have to carry books in a seperate bag i.e in a book bag or something... Does anyone think it looks weird having two bags at uni? Should I just take a backpack and save the hassle?

    What do you uni/college people do?

    Thanks for any responses! :smile:
  2. I'm a college student and I usually carry two bags around...but I'm also a huge dork, lol. I just can't be without my speedy!
  3. lol it just seems more logical to have 2 rather than trying to carry books in your arms!.... plus there is another girl at uni with a 25... it looks real but I haven't seen it up close and she carries a seperate bag aswell.. hmm..
  4. I used to carry one bag and held my books in my arm when I was in the uni. I tried to carry another bag for my books but found it too handful.

    But again, if you only carry one bag and dump the books inside, it's gonna be darn heavy.
  5. at my uni in canada, it was standard for girls to carry a purse and a bookbag. I rarely did it just because I preferred to just bring my wallet in my backpack, but it's quite normal here for girls to bring their purse and backpack/tote.
  6. Depends on how many books you have to carry and how heavy they are. It's not good to carry a lot of heavy books in a bag that goes over your arm cuz then the weight is all on one side of your body. It's also not great to carry a lot of heavy books on your back, so be careful. I say use two bags if you are going to carry maybe one or two lighter books and some notebooks in one and use another as a purse. Otherwise, just be careful with weights of items. I personally like those rolling backbacks too.

    At colleges a lot of people carry a purse and another bag of sorts for their books from what I have noticed, if that answers your question more directly.
  7. I actually have a small gap backpack which I can use for books... :smile:

    I know what you mean about heavy shoulder bags... my first bag broke because of the weight and my shoulder gets really bad whenever I use another...

    Thanks for all the responses so far!! (I can never make independent decisions lol)
  8. haha, i know what you mean, i'm the same way! this sorta reminds me of mean girls when they're like "well you wouldn't buy a dress before asking your friends if it looked good on you, right?"

    that's kinda how we are at tpf!:rolleyes:
  9. I don't think that's stupid!

    No one does it at my school, but maybe, when I get a Pochette I'll bring it to school as a purse, next to my school tote.
  10. I used a shoulder style tote bag and then would bring a spare bag if i needed something. Cles was definitely helpful - I'd put my student ID, some money, bus card, and my dorm keys on the end of it and brought that with me ;) Maybe a reason to get a new cles?
  11. Go for it until you can save for something more appropriate.

  12. It's not really a cles I need just wondering whether it was silly bringing two bags to uni.

  13. I'm still paying off for my speedy.... so it'll take me a while to save... plus I hate doing it :sad: waaah
  14. it looks just fine carrying two bags. Personally in school I thought it was a hassle so I threw all my things into my backpack. Or i'd bring a small purse that would fit inside it so that I could just take that when I needed it.
  15. i either use my speedy 30 or vivienne westwood jasmine and then i have a canvas bag inside for when i need to go to the library or have shopping and things to carry home from uni.
    i have an hours commute to uni so i need to bring everything i could ever possibley need with me.