1. Has anyone seen this movie yet? I must admit, I wasn't too keen on it but went with a friend today for all the man candy. It actually turned out to be a pretty good movie and I'm glad I went.

    And the man candy did not disappoint. :p
  2. definitely plan on seeing this soon! michael ealy, paul walker, idris elba ... *goes to check movie times for sunday afternoon* ;)
  3. Idris Elba is a whole bunch of sexy in this movie. They even let him keep his accent!
  4. I saw it today, I enjoyed it. OMG Idris Elba and Paul Walker look so hottt!!
  5. ita!! I loved him in The Wire!

    We just saw this movie today and although I didn't think it was great, it was worth it just to watch him.
  6. saw this movie. it was ok

    the best scene for me was the chase scene with you know who
  7. ^Yeah, good action sequence. :yes:

    Definitely not worthy of an academy award but I thought it was decent and good action.
  8. I seen the movie and loved it! All the men had their own swag & style loved that! Also Michael Ealy was just sooo hot to me!
  9. Saw it today and loved it!
  10. i'm seeing this with my bf and his sister tonight! can't wait!!
  11. I saw the movie over the weekened and loved it! Chris and T.I.'s acting could have been better but there was so much action I looked past it.

    Def not Academy award material but it was entertaining.
  12. It was pretty good! I would love a still shot if Idris laying in bed in his undies :drool: I can tell he's a donkey I knew it :yahoo::nuts:

  13. *~*Best. Scene. Ever. Lol I saw it a second time for that shot alone!!! ;) *~*
  14. OMG, me and my friend just grabbed each other!! And I was like you know he's not even "at attention" right now!!! :shocked: The rest of the movie my friend was like "Look at him.... walkin around it". :sneaky:
  15. yes, I so need that still shot! :graucho:

    exactly this! didn't really like the movie, but would gladly see it again just for that scene!

    Stringer Bell is packing! :sweatdrop: