Take Your Child To Work Day!!!

  1. ok..hubby is a doctor in a big university hospital,they have an amazing kids program for this today.She got a big beachbag filled with goodies and saw real brains dissected,ultasounds done..etc..DID any of you get to take your child to work today!???

    PS- the VERY BEST part of my day was that because this was an all day affair at my hubbys hospital(while he worked)..she went off on planned activites..so I gave her my PRADA floral messenger bag to put a cell phone in(For emergencies...!)..OMG! You guys should of seen the look on my PHH face when he saw her come downstairs this AM wearing a Prada messenger bag...I COULD NOT RESIST!!!LOL!!!!!
    yes..I took a pic..will post it later..when he isnt around!! LOL! TOO FUNNY! I swear it made my day!!!
    and I looked at him straight in the face and said.....well,at least its NOT my LV messenger...yes...he rolled his eyes and GROANED!!!!!!!!!!!THOUGHT you would all enjoy this little story!!( she is 9 ,almost 10..and NO, I would NEVER buy a kid that age a designer bag!!LOL!)
  2. Good for you sending her off in style Jill. And even though your husband cringed, I bet he actually loved it. He loves you and she is becoming you!
  3. If you don't mind my asking--what kind of doctor is your hubby? His specialty might explain why he's a PHH. Certain specialties attract certain personalities :P
  4. ^^He is chairman and Chief of Emergency Medicine( NO- NOT a surgeon!!LOL!!!-they are notorious for attitudes!!LOL!)
  5. How cute!!!! That was my favorite day ever! I used to go with my dad all the time and I felt VERY special to get to go to his work. But his work was a bit more boring. I did get to go with him to close a deal on a yacht... that was fun!!!!

    Glad she got to sport the prada bag!!!!!! I bet she loved her day
  6. MEGS-the mommy-daughter Contest bags were ALMOST delivered in time..that would have been even funnier for my little one to bring with her!!!!I missed the mailman and have to go pick them up tomorrow!My daughter is soooo excited! Will take pics when i get them!!!
  7. ER explains the PHH :P They cut people's clothes off in the ER. :biggrin:
  8. ^^omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too Funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol!
  9. ooh i LOVED going to work with my dad. back then it was "take your daughter to work day" and he always made me feel so special and grown up that day. he'd let me file and take me out to a "business" lunch. he arranged meetings for me with influencial people (esp. woment) that worked in his company so i could ask them questions about their jobs and education. i always planned my outfits like a week ahead of time so i could look as "professional" as possible. those are some of my best memories. i hope your daughter had as great an experience as i always did. sounds like she did! dissecting brains would be awesome! :smile:
  10. ^thanks! She had a great time..this place he works at does the most AMAZING job! 300 kids are toured around,they got to pretend to sew up people(Dummies) and the have lunch with their daddies! it was so cute...!! SHe is such a daddys girl!!
  11. Awwww good!!!!!! I hope you both love them!! :love:
  12. my hubbie took my daughter to work with him. he is active military in the Unite States Marine Corps. she absolutely loved it and had a great time. She better not even think of joining the military:shame:
  13. How Cute!! ^ Doulos- Where Have You Been!!!!!!!!??????????
  14. My hubby can't take her, he is a cop. I bring her to work every morning before school which is enough for me!

    Glad yours had fun! Its great to let them see things they have never experienced before.
  15. did your daughter have fun? i ended up leaving work late yesterday and saw a lot of kids around. it's nice to know that hte hospital has a good program for kids...hehe...not that i'm going to be having any in the near future...i would have loved to see the peoples' faces when they saw your daughter walking in w/ a prada bag...lol...