Take your bag to dryclean?

  1. Has anyone here taken their designer bags to drycleaner? Please tell of your experience...
    Gucci store in Hk recommended me a drycleaner to take my bags to, but im a bit paranoid that they will swap my bag hehehehe..... :shame:
  2. I'd be wayy too scared to take my bag to a dry clean, not only do I think it would risk swapping it but maybe even ruining it and then all they can say is "sorry".
  3. Hmhmh so apart from keeping them in their dust bags, being very careful when taking them out, and using baby wipes, there are no other way to keep them clean? Man, im bad at keeping anything clean and i was hoping an expert drycleaner can help me with it
  4. hi crystal!
    i am based in hong kong and i just got my gucci back from the cleaners (jeeves) yesterday. they did a great job cleaning my bag and as far as i'm concerned it is the same bag :smile: . it really depends on you. if you don't feel comfortable then maybe you shouldn't. but i was bothered by the dirt on my canvas tote so i sent it anyway. a lot of people i know send their bags to jeeves (lee gardens 1) and have been very happy with the result.
  5. i get my suede ysl bag dry cleaned and ive had a couple of other bags dry cleaned.. its fine they come back nice and clean. the only thing is the balck of your bag might fade a little if you keep doing it..(if its a canvas tye material)
  6. hey thats a good idea...so u think any dry cleaners can do that?
  7. yikes....i would love to take my bag tot he DC, but then id be a little worried if they said they cant find it...
  8. I'd Be Too Scared
  9. Well just the other day I picked up a S. Ferragamo bag at my cleaners and they got all the spots off completely but I didn't think to look inside the bag, there was a 5" rip at the seam. It wasn't like that b-4 I took it. But I feel since I didn't point it out when I picked it up then I just have to deal with it now. Off to alterations I go....hum?
  10. Crystalstar...did you ask your local Gucci boutique? Last bag I purchased they told me they would send it off to be cleaned if I ever needed it cleaned.
  11. Im from Vietnam so there is no Gucci store here, i asked HK stores and they told me they dont do it themselves, they recommended a pro drycleaner in stead.
  12. I risked having my Gucci bag drycleaned. My bag was so dirty and I can't stand it anymore. It worked! No harm done. It was my first time to have it cleaned. Waiting to get it were my longest days. I was not disppointed. Clean as new :smile:
  13. Thats good news.. I may try it one day, so far i just try to keep everything as clean as possible. Do you have to go to a specialist as normal drycleaners wont take bags...