take the spring colors poll


please vote for toni's 07 "weekender of the future"!!

  1. Naturel

  2. Truffe

  3. Cafe/Marrone/Dark chocolate

  4. Vert gazon (grass green)

  5. Vert d'eau (water green)

  6. Marine/Dark sea

  7. Turquoise

  8. Rouge vermillon

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. hi ladies, this is my first poll so i hope it works!

    okay.. assuming these are the new spring colors.. which do you think would look smashing in a large size bag, either work or weekender. Trying to plan my next move!! need a visual so that i can fantasize on my "bag of the future"

    cafe/marrone/ dark chocolate
    vert gazon( grass green)
    vert d'eau ( water green)
    marine/dark sea
    rouge vermillon
  2. turquoise
  3. I voted for the dark chocolate because it will look classic for years to come, go with nearly everything and look more sophisticated. Personally, I usually get big bags in neutrals and med-small bags in fun colors.
  4. I voted marine/dark sea - sounds beautiful and in a large bag would be TDF!

  5. very interesting... thank you!!!
  6. i thought you guys were going to lean towards turquoise!

    nobody likes greens?
    maybe the grass green will be hot in a smaller bag?
  7. I voted for chocolate brown because its more practical and if you use it for travel, it won't show dirt very easily. :yes:
  8. i love dark chocolate color and waiting for it
  9. Naturel...
    But I really don't know...Bal colours names are sometime weird...
  10. i cant believe no one is going for the Rouge vermillon!

    very interesting!
  11. For a bigger bag (work or weekender) I voted for the chocolate/dark brown :drool: . For smaller bags I'd vote a turquoise :yes:
  12. marine/dark sea!
  13. Turquoise! :smile:
  14. ^^ Same here.. Turquoise
  15. I voted for turquoise. Personally, I like travel bags to be statement making pieces. I saw a girl once with a turquoise weekender and I couldn't stop staring. Bags like that could cause traffic accidents.
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