Take the head off my qee?

  1. Ok I'm blatantly copying someone's idea of putting a pirate qee on my brand new pirata toki... But since this is the first time I've attempted switching qees (with my first toki ever!) I'm deathly afraid of breaking both their heads off... and horribly murdering them both...

    So how do I switch the qees without destroying them both? I'm supposed to pop the head off, right? Do I twist it or pull it right off... Ack... :confused1:
  2. Well I heard one of them members say that popping it off wasn't a good idea b/c the head would get loose and possbiyl keep fallling off. Idk, maybe some members had better experiences. I've never tried it.
  3. Hmm... If I shouldn't pop the head off I wonder how I'm supposed to attach the keychain thing that the pirate bear qee came with. Gah!
  4. Maybe you could pop it off. I think tokyliciousJenY popped hers off. She said you had to squeeze it really hard. Look at the topic entitled Tokidoki side pockets+Metallic qee. They talk about it here.
  5. Thanks I'll try to find that thread. :smile:
  6. Thanks! I just read it and you're right someone did say it made theirs loose.. :sad: Oh well though I think I'm going to have to pop off the head to get the keychain attachment on. Thanks for your help!
  7. well for mine i had to pop it off to put that plastic holder for the keychain and its fine..the only thing bad is that the arm is loose :lol: not his head... and yeah its soooo hard to pull his head out!!! good luck wiht yours!
  8. Yay! It was a success, it looks so cute! It was really hard to pop the head off, it seems like it was kinda stuck to the paint from the factory or something, but it looks fine and doesn't seem loose.
  9. Are you gonna take pics??
  10. Yup, you did the right thing...you've gotta pop the head off in order to get the little ring around his neck..LOL!! But some are defective and when you pop the head off sometimes it becomes loose or even worse the neck gets stuck in the wrong place and is defective!!

    Did you get the same pirate qee that I have?
  11. yeah i wana see pics!! if its the same as TokiJen then your pirates are twins :biggrin::lol:
  12. I'd love to see pics. I am tired of having the same qee on all my bags and am interested in trying something new.
  13. I'll try to post pics tonight when I get home for the day :smile:

    Yeah its the same pirate bear qee, I'm a copycat but it was such an awesome idea! :smile:
  14. So where are you guys getting these other qees from?:graucho: