TAKE OR LEAVE - Need your opinion on these embroided Barbara Bui's

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  1. So I find myself being in a dilemma so am happy about ANY honest opinion.. what you think of these??

    These are Barbara Bui's from this summer's collection, they still retail for something over $2600 and I have the amazing possibility to get them for around $540 which is a great price compared to the retail price.

    Problem is I'm a bit low in money as there's some more shoes I'm looking out for to complete my collection and these can't be named bargains as well. So I'm tempted by the price of these Bui's compared to the retail price but at the same turned off as it's really pushing my limits at the moment.

    But I ADOOOOORE the hand-made embroidery on these, it makes me :faint: but I'm not so sure about the multicoloured part.. I guess I'd love them even more if they were all golden/brownish.

    So you see I'm absolutely confused and really need your help. Any honest opinion is much appreciated. How do YOU like them??
    THANKS in advance!!

    (Sorry for the second picture being cut I wasn't able to upload it otherwise.)
    BB1.jpg BB2.jpg BB3.jpg
  2. I think they are a different shoe but not my style. That said I would buy if I could think of at least five pairings. Can you post mod pics? I'd love to see them in action
  3. Although these boots are not my style I love them for their beautiful craftsmanship and intricate detail. I love the fact that they are multicolored as I think gold/black would be so ordinary.
  4. I'd love to but unfortunately I don't have them in my hands and cannot find any mod pics on the internet.

    I guess with me it's as well mostly the detailedness of them, they really look like made with love and someone put much time and effort to create them and that's tempting me - although I didn't feel them 100% at first glance and am still not at 100% as I usually am instantly with my shoes.
  5. They are really beautiful. IMO though, and I've been through this before a million times, I think you're pushing yourself towards an item you aren't 100% in love with just because it's an awesome deal price-wise.

    I vote to pass on these, go with some other pairs that round out your collection and don't put extra stress on your wallet.
  6. I think you have already decided. $5xx is not a bargain if you are really not feeling them, despite the savings and admiration for the beauty and detail. Buy what you truly love.
  7. Definitely not my style, but I can totally see someone else rocking these. You obviously adore these, and I think it would make a great piece for your collection. I say go for it--especially since you would be purchasing them on sale. Those are sure to attract a lot of attention, and the detailing makes them stand out from other "trendy" items.
  8. I think you should save your money for something you don't have to think twice about. Some of the detailed beading could probably catch on things.
  9. i think high ticket item go on sale for that price, there's always something.
    for this one...i think it's very beautiful but hard to work in a wardrobe...i can see them as a conversation piece if worn to a party or event...but for regular outings, they're too loud. if your life style involves a lot of parties...i think they worth every single pennies.

  10. It looks like you just answered your question :smile:
  11. I think they're gorgeous, *BUT* if they're just going to sit in your closet and never be worn, then $500 is still a lot to spend on something you're not 100% in love with.
  12. They are not for me. But I woudn't say they are bad at all.
  13. Pass for now !! Something better will come along for sure!!
  14. First of all I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you!! You've been a real help!

    I still think these are beautifully made but as cvlshopaholic said - I really am pushing myself to love them more than I do because of the price reduction.

    + there's plenty of more I really love and instantly did that are furthermore 100..00% my style so I'll pass on these.

    And the fact that I don't even feel sad about it probably says everything - again, THANK YOU for your fantastic help and for making me save my money with your advices!! Really appreciate it:smile: :ty: