Take or leave at home?

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  1. Going on a cruise. Do you take your Chanel or leave at home? What bag do you travel with?
  2. Mini crossbody? You can keep all your essentials with you and have both hands free.
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  3. I'd take it (a mini), but just for use on the cruise itself and not for excursions.
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  4. I like traveling with my caviar woc. Enough for what I need.
  5. I usually bring a woc or a mini, suits very well for travelling and can fit inside a larger carry on bag. Enjoy!
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  6. I always leave my Chanels at home. I take a Gucci marmont camera bag with me on holidays
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  7. I love using a woc or a rectangular mini on cruises! You spent so much on the bag, you might as well use it on vacay!
  8. I agree, WOC or Mini!
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  9. definitely any small bag you have, whether it’s woc, mini square or rectangular, small classic, small boy, belt bag etc
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  10. I travel with a WOC and LV Neverfull GM. Great combo.
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  11. I carried my Coco Shine Small Flap in black patent on a cruise. It is a small bag I can wear on the shoulder or crossbody, it has 4 grommets and is slightly larger than a rectangular mini.
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  12. Thanks everyone for your input. I think I’ll take my reissue as I can wear crossbody. I am going to take my old, beloved LV denim baggy. It’s such a comfortable, easy , fun bag that easily can easily be worn on the shoulder. I always forget about the baggy but whenever I use it, I love it. My reissue is pretty much my everyday go to. So light, under the radar and I feel like a million bucks using her.
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  13. I’ve taken my WOC and my small Reissue on a cruise, and liked both. As long as it’s a crossbody bag, I think it’s great on vacation.
  14. I’m itching to get a Deauville just because I want a Chanel bag that’s big enough to and something I don’t have to baby.
  15. Chanel! One of those seasonal flaps or camera bag