Take-No-Prisoners formula for foot skin care

  1. Hi, Ladies

    I have developed a SERIOUS formulae/regime for treating all foot skin care problems. I do this serious regime in the winter months when my nails are hidden by thick socks - it's cold here!

    I have dancer's feet. This means callouses.
    I have dry skin. Enough said.
    I live in the Pacific Northwest. Lots of rain and moisture. Every man, woman, and child fights athletes foot infections.

    The cure
    Mix together the ingredients below. Apply once a day to toes, nails, heels, and in between toes. Adorn socks immediately afterward so feet absorb medicines. Tea tree oil makes the mixture stink so time your application accordingly.
    Sand your feet in the shower with the pumice stone recommended below 3 times a week. I have tried many pumice stones and callous boards. The one below truly works the best. Trust me.

    1. FootSmart NightTime Heel Treatment Cream, 4 oz., Each :: Foot Health :: Skincare/Nailcare :: Dry Skin Relief :: FootSmart
    This creme has alpha hydroxy, penamide, and vitamins. Best foot creme I ever used. Deeply penetrates my callouses.
    2. Tea tree oil. Buy small bottles at your health food store. Fights nail fungus and planter's warts.
    3. Fluid to treat athlete's foot. Buy it at your local drugstore. Cream or fluid are both OK.
    4. Nail fungus creme. Also at the local drugstore.
    5. Better-than-pumice stone:
    Caswell-Massey - Fine soaps, toiletries, men's shaving, perfumes and gifts

    I buy 2 jars of heel creme. To each jar I add half a bottle of the rest of the fluids. Stir thoroughly.

    If you just can't incorporate the Tea Tree Oil stink into your lifestyle, lose it. Everything else has a neutral scent. If I were married I would never subject my partner to the TTO stink!

    Happy feet!
  2. I never knew tea tree oil fights plantar warts. I just developed one and I was told there was nothing I could do about it. I will definitely try this. Thanks.
  3. SpendingMore -

    You truly have my sympathy!

    I had a Planter's Wart in the 80s. It took months to get rid of.

    Use the tea tree oil. Use the Rx prescribed by your doctor.

    Use a small scapel or super sharp Xacto knife to carve away the callous. Carve a sliver away every week. That helps lots!

    Good luck!