take my poll...promise it works this time.....

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Which would you want?

  1. patent leather Chanel clutch.......small, red, and SHINY

  2. black velvet purse........classic shape, classic color, classic Chanel

  3. hate them both....what was jen thinking?

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  1. so i think i've narrowed my choice down to the two chanels.....

    so....what'll it be....patent leather or velvet?

    and just so you know i am extremely anal about carrying leather.....so scared of scratches/tears/marks, etc.........

    not sure what kinda problems/worries velvet entails tho.....
    chanel bags.jpg
  2. I prefer the matte look over the shiny. :smile:
  3. me too
  4. not sure how i feel about the gold hardware tho.....
  5. I like the red, especially if you have a black bag. The red is so fun!
  6. I love the red patent Chanel!