Take my poll: Are your bags causing you to go into debt?

Is your bag collection driving you into debt?

  • Yes - I got my fingers and toes crossed for lots of cash this Chrismas

  • No - I stay within a budget or someone else pays off my bills

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Dec 1, 2005
Let's keep it real folks! Is that impressive bag collection causing you to go into debt? Are you one of the many people out there that is hoping to get cash this Christmas so you can pay off that credit card bill coming in January?

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Hrm.. a little, but I know someone will bail me out. I tried to go at it alone this year though, which made it different from the previous years.. plus there was a drastic increase in rent.. gah.
well i am in a little, but not because of bags, just shopping in general, i am a shopaholic :nuts:, but i pay it off, eventually, so i'm not stressed about it.
I don't find myself broke. But close to it...LOL...Especially during this holiday season. But I try to budget my money so everyone I want to give special gifts to...gets at least 1 or 2. hehe
Fortunately, I will not allow myself to go in debt over my handbag love. When you put something on a credit card and pay it off little by little, it just adds to the cost of the bag.

But if I didn't spend so much money, I would have a lot more money in my savings account.
I have no debit, my parents are still paying my bills. (I'm 22).Thank God they are well off, because between me, my sister and my mom we rack up pretty big bills! I hope no one here is in too deep bc of their bags.
I have a shopping problem- but my problem doesn't necessarily cause me debt. It just pushes my money limits. My dad was always huge into all of us keeping good credit, so I have amazing credit. But I still love to push the limits!