take my LV to the beach for the weekend?

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  1. I am going to the beach for the weekend and really want to bring my Papillon 30 to carry to dinner. I am afraid, though , of leaving it in the hot car when we check out of the hotel . We will not be leaving the beach area immediately and it will be in the car parked in the Florida sun. It has a beautiful patina, but I do not want to speed up the process.

    I thought about carrying my one Coach , because that is indestructible and I don't really care what happens to it. Ugghhh... but I will admit it. I am an LV snob... I don't want to carry my Coach. But don't want to ruin my LV either.

    Any thoughts? Will one afternoon in a hot car ruin my Papillon?
    My other option would be to carry my LV pochette to dinner...

    Thanks TPFers.
  2. Take it and enjoy it. I think it will be fine. Just keep it out of the direct sunlight as much as possible.
  3. The heat alone will speed up the patina process. I would stick with bringing the Coach and using your pouchette at dinner.
  4. What about if you take it with you but put it in it's dust bag inside another bag in the car so it's not just laying out.
  5. Hmmm... can you put it in it's dustbag in the trunk of the car? Otherwise.. stick to the Coach?

    I know me.. I would be thinking about my LV in a hot car all day... and it might ruin my good time.
  6. I've put my papillon in the trunk for a day at the beach many times, and I didn't notice anything bad happening to it at all. However, be careful of your lipsticks~ I have had many melt during a hot day in my car!
  7. Me personally, I'd bring the Coach ... unless you have a Damier, maybe?
  8. Leaving a LV in the car is a great way to get it stolen. I would leave it at home. Take the coach, why care if others notice you have a LV?????? That is being a snob if you are out to impress people by carrying it.
  9. carry the lv pouchette to dinner.

  10. Wow. Harsh. I think all of us whether we try too or not, like it when we carry our expensive bags, LV or others, and have people notice them. It's human nature. :yes:
  11. ^^ I disagree. Yeah, you might like something for "you and only you" and all that jazz, but it would be a little dishonest to say you don't care when others notice your nice things. Why do you think there's revel threads and showcases? Sorry, that doesn't make you a snob, that makes you a girl.

    julie jewels, why can't you wear the pap with you when you check out? Why does it have to be in the car, can't that be your handbag that you carry at all times? I think you should take your LV. Enjoy it and use it. You didn't buy it so it can sit at home; wear her in good health. :yes:
  12. Take the pap with you, maybe you can keep her under a towel or something when you're at the beach. When I went on vacation to California last summer, I went to the beach and took my Azur speedy because it was the only bag I brought with me. She didn't get ruined or anything. :yes:
  13. i used to bring my lv everywhere~ including out to the park and tanning... not a great idea. any hardware will basically tarnish and you don't want to risk dirtying the leather :t
  14. if you have to check out and then you are going to the beach (which I think that is what it sounds like)... then I would put it in your trunk (covered of course)... it will be fine.. but like another tpf'r said watch out for your make-up.. that will melt. Have a good vacation!
  15. OMG! Worrying about it being in the car all day would drive me BATTY! And really... do you want to risk damaging your LV just to impress a few people at a restaurant that you will probably never see again? (besides the family and friends that you are going with)

    I would stick to Coach... Coach is EASILY replaced! Whereas Louis Vuitton... not so much.

    You could also try buying a bag on eBay or lettrade before you go... like a used designer one... that way you won't worry so much!

    Just a thought