Take Me Everywhere - MINI - Any interest?

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  1. Just wondering if there were any more out there who like the style of the Take Me Everywhere, but shy away from it because of the size?

    I am envisioning this bag in a mini version, (yes, me and my minis, i know :shame:smile: and Jackie says that they can do it if, at least, 8 people are interested.
    No details in terms of leather, or colours ... although, i think a pebbled leather, maybe Root? Just guessing, but i don't think it is a bag that would be ready quickly as they would have to draft new patterns for the leather. Maybe late summer / beginning of fall?
    I would imagine the dimensions would be very similar to the Love Me mini.

    Any thoughts?

    For style reference, only -

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  2. I love mini bags too!! I had a TME midi that I sold because it was a tad too large for me...

    So I would be game for this...and I have been dying to try root...so that would be a winner for me!!

    Anyone else??
  3. ^^ Odebdo :flowers: Just you and me, eh?
    At least I'm not in any rush to have this, but I am surprised that apparently there is not much interest ...
    I guess we'll just have to wait it out.
  4. I think the shopping SF is pretty dead lately!
  5. Hi there
    I was considering a root or black pebbled (before its gone) I would be interested in this style in either of the colours for early fall - anyone else fancy it still? I was also thinking about a MMS mini?
  6. Yes, yes, yes! I had a choc crash Love Me Mini and although the size was right the bag was too heavy with all the hardware. I hear TME is lighter because it has less hardware. I would want choc crash...I thought it was the most beautiful leather I had ever seen. I wish the LMM worked out, I miss it! I cannot do pebbled leather....hear they make the bags weigh a ton.
  7. ^^ I agree - the Chocolate Crash is a beautiful neutral colour.
    And I would still LOVE to have the TME in a mini size ...

    .... just not quite sure I can justify ANOTHER Chocolate Crash bag ... as I already have these ...
  8. ^It would complete the choco crash set...of course you could justify it!
  9. ^^ agree with odebdo - - - bluefishness, it would complete the set......

    The TME is my favorite BE. I have a Full and Midi size.

    Honestly I would die for a Mini - truly die from happiness, but I cannot do a pebbled as I have to keep mine light too.

    I am such a scaredy cat and would be too freaked out to order the choco crash without seeing in in person, but Ohhhhhhhhhhhh it is was in a Sheen or Glossy. Now THAT I could order sight unseen.

    I adore my TME and TME Midi, such a great handbag. Ok, I will stop thinking out loud now.
  10. p.s. etalb1111 in case you check back here, I also would be willing to wait and think about this after the A/W10 leathers come out this Fall.... hee, I am twisted that I am already looking forward to the Fall?
  11. :lol:
    As if I really needed more encouragement.
    I'm not stuck on the pebbled leather ... a sheen or crash would be lovely, too!
    Not in a rush, but I know that if we could get Jackie to do this, it would probably be more readily available on BEC.
    I can wait to see what the fall brings, too ...

  12. Midnight glossy??

    Just throwing it out there...

  13. yes I'm also happy to wait for fall to see new leathers - I have three midis and use them every day....would love to see the mini happen! But I'm too scared to go for a crash - unless its black ...
  14. ohhhh is that a blue?
  15. Oh dear. That odebdo really knows how to enable.

    Yes, etalb1111, it is a blue. It is a dark navy blue and it is really lovely.

    I am in trouble now.