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  1. Cheers TropicalGal! Being the proud owner of a 'Take Me Anywhere' bag, I thought I would start a 'TMA club' thread! Ladies, on here you can ask questions, post pics, or just engage in general chit-chat on one of BE's favourite creations! So, what are you waiting for.......

    My name is Tash and I have a Black TMA!!!!!!! :love:
  2. I have one! I have a tan TMA and I love it! Although it kind of gets heavy when I stuff it too much...
  3. Hi Mayajuliana! I was beginning to think there was a shortage of TMA owners out there! Glad to hear you love yours...me too! Yes, it is BIG, and can get heavy, it took a lot of getting used to. I found once I tightened the drawstrings, they would flap about a bit, to avoid this I tie them at the front....looks fab! If I carry it on the shoulder, it's just fine. The leather is thick, has softened up, and is very durable. I've really got a lot of mileage out of it!!! :yes:
  4. I have a TMA in grey shimmer and I love it!! Such a pretty color and the bag fits a ton but looks fab doing it. I love wearing it with the longer strap, but will use the handles as well. Love it!!
  5. I sure wish you ladies would post pix of you wearing your TMA's so we can see about the size and shape when on. Thanks!
  6. I'm working up the courage to take modeling pics of the Tan TMA and the Purple Crash Hold Me. I don't really like having pictures taken of myself so please give me a couple more days to talk myself into it!
  7. there are pics of me modeling my tma in my flickr link :smile:

  8. LOL!!!! I'm camera shy!!! Seriously, I am, I've had this thing about having my picture taken since I was little....but that's another story!! xx :shame:
  9. Does the TMA tote count? If so, I will post pics.
  10. ^^

    YES!! Pics please!!
  11. Okay, I will take some this weekend! :tup:
  12. Is anyone pre ordering fall 2008 Take me Everywhere Midi? I am seriuosly thinking about it ... that or the make me smile midi. I want it in black crash.

    Opps I am in the wrong thread , I read Take Me.... and since I am new to BE.... stupidly put it in the wrong thread..I am sorry!
  13. Hi Duranie70! This is the wrong thread! You need the Fall 08, or TME vs WTM threads...as more likely to get a response!

    Oh, and welcome to BE, and WOW! you met Simon Le Bon!!! :tup:
  14. Thank you tash1!
    I am FirstLadyofCrash on Myspace... you'll see all my duran pics if you are a member and want to be friends. LOL I'm going to the show in May in Central Park.
  15. Ok, my first ever introduction to BE was last year in the spring/summer sale or was it a special discount day at Harvey Nichols in Dubai, where I purchased my TMA in natural. At first I was contemplating the mottled gold TMA but then the tan colour just lured me over and felt more wearable and since then, even though I do rotate my bags and wear other designers I can't get over how luxe the leather smells and feels on my BE TMA. Plus I get more compliments wearing this baby than when I wear my other bags, with the exception of my Marc Jacobs stam hobo, again maybe because it isn't very common and not many people recognise it. This led me to my second purchase, a beautiful LM in purple glossy, and a third which I am contemplating on returning, a SMM in petrol, gorgeous colour and shape, but a tad too small for my liking.