Take Extra Care when shipping Intl Express


Feb 13, 2007
The strangest thing happened to me. I was expecting a package from New Mexico this week. It was shipped via FedEx International Express. It arrived on Wednesday as scheduled (really happy to have my new B-bag on time!) but on Thursday, I received ANOTHER FedEx package, with the same Air Waybill and the same tracking number attached to it! So I opened up the package and there was some pain-relieving cream and a check inside. I rechecked the envelope and all information on it (stickers, etc) indicated that the package was for me. Fortunately there was a business card from the sender so I sent her an email informing her of what happened and she then sent me the address of the person the package was intended for. Now I'm in Manila and the package was supposed to be going to British Canada! If there had not been a business card in there, I would have no idea how to track this person (and neither would FedEx).

I can just bet they mixed up the labeling at the drop-off station! Now imagine if you were the sender and this happened to one of your purses or more precious items!!!

I sent in a trade-in bag late last week via FedEx and after I filled in the Air Waybill and labels, the FedEx assistant told me everything was done and was going to take my package to the back to stick the labels on. I requested that he stick them on in front of me to be sure. Now I'm so glad I did that.

I know this probably happens VERY rarely. But still, it's a good idea to write on the box aside from attaching the standard FedEx labels, and then to make sure that the right labels are placed on your package (if you don't print labels out yourself).


Jul 1, 2006
Wow that is CRAZY! Good thing you're such an honest person! You're right, that would be horrible if that happened to a high end item.


Aug 17, 2007
That is crazy!

I always put an invoice in all my packages. The postmaster told me that if the label gets damaged the PO will open the package to look for any information and will mail it on if there is an address in there.