Take extra 25% off lowest price at Nieman Marcus stores (Chicago)

  1. There were about 4 tables full of bags which were 25% of the lowest price. There was only 1 ivory chloe, lots of cute Be & D, a few white and ivory Tod's, some small fuzzy Chanel clutches, and others. Prices ranged from $300 to $2,000. From a price spot check most were around the $600-$900 mark before the discount. Lots of tan, brown, ivory, greens. Not many staples, but a nice variety nonetheless. Perhaps they would do a merchandise transfer. Im all about those "off-the-lowest-price" sales! For Chloe fans, Im still trying to determine which style it was, but it was kind of a big, akward ivory shoulder bag with a huge flap for $750. I looked online and I dont think any of those at the store were shown online. There were a bunch of floral Kate Spade cosmetic bags too, but they are the same ones that have been at the outlet mall for the last year and a half.
  2. Oh I so wanted to go to NM today! Any Botkiers or MJs?
  3. I think that chloe is the like the one I returned. Does it look like this?
    flap edith.jpg
  4. Yes I think that was the Chloe. Its a nice bag, just big, and it was sprawled out on the table. There were one or two marc jacobs and Im not sure about Botiker.
  5. viba424, did you see any Marc by Marc Jacobs flats that are reduced?
  6. I was there on Saturday and really didn't see anything worth checking out on sale at NM on Michigan Ave....I was also at NM at Oka Brook yesterday and they had a larger selection of purses - but still seems rather picked over!! The NM at Oak Brook had a hugh selection of clearance holiday!!!! Great buys!!
  7. Im not sure what a flat is, but there was only 1 marc jacobs and it was kind of a larger satchel...I called there today and they were extremely helpful; maybe they would know better. I bet retailers in the suburbs are less picked over right about now too. Michigan Avenue gets heavy traffic year round. Sorry I couldnt be of more help!
  8. Does anybody know if, or when, there will be further reductions like this for the online NM store?
  9. damn, i didn't know NM was open today!