Take a vacation alone?


would you take a vacation to another country alone?

  1. YES!

  2. No, why would I want to do that?

  3. Dunno, maybe

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  1. Would you travel to another country for a vacation alone?

    I am very tempted to do that. Thinking of making a trip to Japan around middle of next month. Part of me being excited, part of me calling myself crazy.

    well, would you? And have you done that, if so, was it fun?
  2. I don't think I'd ever vacation out of the country on my own, but I would consider a vacation alone here in the States. I guess I'm a bit of a worry wart.
  3. It would really depend on what country I was planning on visiting. There are some I don't feel I would be 100% safe by myself.
  4. I did this last year! I had a blast!

    I actually had to go for business, but since I had already travelled so far, I decided to go off and sight see on myself ( alot, to 3 other countries).

    At first I was really nervous, but I ended up loving it, I got to do just what I wanted. No whining about museums. Sleep in when you want or 'up and at & at 'em' with the birds.

    I highly recommend it!
  5. I would do it in a second!

    Whenever I travel to a conference, I always travel alone and spend an extra day or so in whatever city I am in. I love to wander about at my own pace and see what I want to see, etc.

    When my BF used to work internationally, it really surprised him I had no problem getting on a plane flying to a country where I did not know the language and meeting him somewhere. He thought that if he was not standing there when I got off of the plane, I would be upset, but I enjoy "civilized" adventures:yes:
  6. Done it, loved it, would definitely do it again.:yes:
  7. I have done it a million times and I ALWAYS meet wonderful people. (some that Im still friends with today)! DO IT!!! Its so empowering!
  8. I've been to NY twice and Rome on my own!

    The Rome trip was almost a last minute thing, I decied to go away near my birthday so i picke Rome because there'd be lots of sightseeing.

    I was planning the NY trip before the first Rome trip and one by one, the other people dropped out. I was pretty disappointed, after saving and anticipating for months so I said, "F it, I'll go on my own" I had a great time and enjoyed every single minute of it.

    There are a lot of things we think we shouldn't do alone e.g. travel, go to the cinema, dine out. Once I got over myself, I've learnt to have fun on my own or with company!
  9. ABSOLUTELY! I have done it. I have such a busy life, I would love some peace and quiet. And the people you meet on your venture would be unforgettable. I traveled to amersterdam I met so many memorable people! Gotta love those coffee shops!!! HAHA
  10. oh what an adventurous soul :smile:

    go for it but if its your first time, choose a place where you can speak the language just to make it easier on you :smile:
  11. I was planning on doing this last year, but decided not to. I think I would have enjoyed it, though. As an above poster mentioned, there are things we think we shouldn't do by ourselves, but I agree that sometimes we enjoy it more i.e. I love going to the movies by myself! Have fun if you go!
  12. yes, i did go travel to 2 countries alone. and kinda love the feeling :P
  13. been there- done that! Great!
    Of course depends on the country- there are some in the world I wouldn't travel on my own
  14. Well...when my son was young..like 6-8, I took at least 2 trips a year along with my son to Disneyland and Hawaii for a couple of days...

    It was the most sweetest momories ever!!! It felt liberating!!!

    I guess that not the same thing though....:P
  15. I LOVE doing that!

    After spending three months in London by myself, I kind of got used to it.

    For the longest time, after I graduated from college, I'd set up Homecoming Weekend as My Weekend: I'll drive to Newport, Rhode Island and watch the Homecoming football game. I'll stay in a hotel that night and check out the next morning. Then I'll hang out in Newport until I felt like driving back home.

    This past April, I always wanted to see Arizona, so I flew there and stayed for a couple of days.