Take A Peek @ Giuliana DePandi's Engagement Ring

  1. [​IMG] :love:

    When Bill pulled out the ring I don't know what made me more speechless - the fact that he was asking me to marry him or the ring! It was the most beautiful diamond I have ever seen," DePandi tells Us Weekly of the sparkler from jeweler Jeffrey Rackover. "The ring is stunning. It's so sparkly, it's amazing.”
  2. Wow - that is beautiful. She is one lucky gal!
  3. OMG beautiful ring!
  4. I love it!!!!!!
  5. Gorgeous stone!
  6. Congrats to them...and her, lovely!
  7. Wooow, I love this ring. It's really beautiful.
  8. :heart: Lovely
  9. I am not a jewellery person but WOW the ring is GORGEOUS!!! They make an adorable couple!
  10. Its stunning!! I wonder is it a round or ascher cut? Regardless it tdf!! Wish them well!
  11. simply beautiful
  12. It looks like a HUGE cushion cut to me. AWESOME!!!!
  13. What a lovely ring!
  14. Wonderful taste in diamonds, Bill!
  15. she works hard, she deserves the sparkling diamond ring.
    (I watch her E News every night~almost every night!!!)