Take a look

  1. My few Coach pieces, I know it's small, but I love them......Hope you like:yes:
  2. Very cute! Are they new items for you?
  3. Only the shoes, I bought them this past weekend.
    Thank you!
  4. very nice!! Thanks for sharing your pictures!
  5. I :heart: that pink bag!
  6. Nice collection!
  7. Nice collection - is that butterfly a pin?

  8. Me too!!!!
  9. yes!
  10. me too me too! And that butterfly pin is cute too :yes:
  11. i have that pink purse...it was actually my first coach bag and then i have ur shoes too....i got them for my birthday...there nice too
  12. cute collection! I like those shoes :smile:
  13. Love your shoes :O)
  14. Very cute!! I like it all!! :p
  15. Very colorful and dinamic collection! Great choices.