Take a look of my new Carly

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  1. Do you like it? I bought it in Macy's for $114.00. How old is this bag, I mean what collection? It is a small hobo o ar pouch? How I wear it? :upsidedown:
  2. Just like any other demi shoulder bag!

    It holds a lot more than you would assume it would. ^^;
  3. But it is a Carly? I don't know nothing about this bag...
  4. Yes it's a denim Carly pouch :smile: I think it was out spring/summer? I forget how recent it is. It isn't a new fall style but it is way cute. There are some other members that have the denim carly :smile:
  5. Ok, is a pouch... Now the question is: How I wear a pouch? In the shoulder? :confused1:
    I am a little slow today...
  6. I could be wrong, (wouldn't be the first time!), but i thought that was the demi?
  7. yeah it's a denim carly demi.
    you could use it on your shoulder as a small bag, or some people use it inside of other bags (though I wouldn't)
    it's very cute! and from this past spring/ summer
  8. Very cute! I like to bring the pouches or wristlets when I'm going out and don't want to haul a lot of stuff...
  9. you can definately wear it on your shoulder...like a vuitton pochette
  10. cute! Yep, you wear it right on your shoulder! :yes:
  11. I have this bag and I wear it with jeans mostly. It holds so much stuff! It's a great bag.
  12. Cute! ;)
  13. Ohh I like it...the Carly wristlet! Very cute, congrats!
  14. I love it, congrats! The denim carly is just so pretty.
  15. The bag was out in June/July.