Take a Look at this Vintage Kooba

  1. i'm loving that lining. i wonder what made them change to plain linings?
  2. I rather like that bag but it is too small for my tastes. I do find it interesting as it is quite different from most Koobas.

    Now the lining is another issue, I LOVE it. As you can see I own a tiny bag with similiar lining.

    Wouldn't it be fun if Kooba did a fun, wild lining now and then on a really special line of bags? It would get people excited about the line I think.
  3. Love the lining! The bag itself reminds me of something I would have worn during the 80's; with my shoulder pads, and teased hair of course.
  4. I am just learning guys... about the Kooba styles..I got hooked watching pictures of Sienna Miller and her cream colored bag Sienna bag and the luggage one. they were all gone when I started to get interested. This is a beautiful bag.
  5. Also, in the lining, they could make little variations, making it easier to identify as the real deal (also making it harder for the fakers..)
  6. Aww, so cute. :heart:

    It would look fab for a summer night out on the town!
  7. Wow, what a beauty and brand new too. I am watching this item just to see what it goes for. I wouldn't be surprised if it went for a nice nice price.
  8. I really like that chain and that funky lining. Hmm I want it. =)