Take a look at the numbers on this bag !

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  1. not an attractive bag.
    i've never seen this style ever. as far as i know, the only rule about refurbishing is that a craftsman's bag (made by and FOR a craftsman to use personally) cannot be taken to a boutique for refurbishing. why would they penalize employees for buying bags from their internal sales and not allowing them to maintain the bags?
  2. It's called the Berry. The Hermes stamp predates 1970. I've seen older bags with a blindstamp that contained only numbers, no letters. This could be the case.
  3. Thanks for the name of the bag, I had not seen this style before.

    I too have seen numbers on older bags, but never so prominently placed. This placement looks like it is meant to be seen, not hidden like the blind stamp and craftpersons id normally are.
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