Take a look at my babies!

  1. Goodies that I haven't posted since the last few months.


  2. Haha, you're a tease and a half! :p Ohhh, is there a red caviar jumbo on the left? :graucho: Show us!! :smile:
  3. ahh come on ...let's see!
  4. Take the babies out of the bag!!!:woohoo: I am dying to see them!
  5. no not the red jumbo. I WISH. I can't find any at the stores. *SOBS* :cry:

    I won't tease looong. I am dying of anticipation to show what I have too HAHAHA. I just always wanted to do a slight tease post. =P
  6. ops forgot to watermark... BRB
  7. Ohhh, okay. Aww, I know whatever you have in those dustbags is gorgeous though, red jumbo or not... we are talking Chanel bags after all! :p

  8. Ahhh, omg!!! :heart: :drool: I love your gorgeous grey reissue (and bnwt, wow), and I recently got (well, my mom surprised me with it haha) the black jumbo as well... it's gorgeous too!!! :tup: Congrats on your beautiful new flaps!! :yahoo:
  9. Thanks! I have 3 flaps now, but I just haven't carried the reissue yet. I seems too pretty to carry LOL. Weird huh?
  10. Haha, I totally understand what you're saying! :p It's soo gorgeous... I think you just have to take the plunge and carry it once, then maybe you will feel better about it! :smile: I feel the same way about my dark silver 226 reissue and matte gold flap (esp. the latter because it's lambskin and I'm scared of scratching it)... but once you carry them once, you kind of get over the phobia a bit (though I'm still as anal as ever haha). :p

  11. [​IMG]
    GREY reissue, black Jumbo flap, LV pastilles keychain that I use as a bracelet


    reissue size 227

  12. congrats! they're all gorgeous!!!
  13. oh yeah, I don't think I can ever get lambskin. I'm way too scared of that LOL.
  14. ooooo niccce Sina:heart::heart::heart:
  15. Ooooh 2 beauties, and I esp. love that grey reissue! Congrats! The more I saw pic of the grey one, the more that I think I need it in my collection.:sweatdrop: