take a little black dress...add a scarf...and you get....

  1. I just bought this dress. Its Derek Lam.

    I love it. cotton, simple yet super cute.....but how would I accessories?

    what is a girl to do? I don't want to look boring...
  2. GG : u'r too cute !!

    i wonder what style u're whipping up with the scarf !
    BTW, did you manage to tie the 90x90 as a toga ?
  3. okay I have tons of pics to attach with alot of scarves with this...all the new ones recently including the new Central Park scarves but my manage attachments button won't pop up. this happens a bit and will work again in moments

    look foward to lots of pics!
  4. i could wear my India scarf I bought form Luxury-Scarves....I bought it for the pattern not realizing i could actually wear yellow!
    india.jpg india1.jpg
  5. can you wrap a scarf like a sailor bib, and tuck the corners down the front of the dress?

    oh add a bracelet or a clic clac or a CDC.....oooooooh

    btw, you're really cute and the dress looks fabulous on you.:tup:
  6. or I could wear one of my new Central Park scarves...

    how about the blue....?? or the blue?

    good options! :tup:
    centralparkblue.jpg centralparkblue1.jpg centralparkgreen.jpg
  7. FYI last pic is the green. my fav
  8. or I can wear my grands fonds?
  9. The dress is very cute GG! If the belt is removable, you could use the scarf as an accent belt.:shrugs:
  10. or I can wear my super amazing Christopher Columb scarf I just got on eBay....look close to see ship jaquard in the pattern!
    colum.jpg colum1.jpg colum2.jpg
  11. or i can wear my new Caparacons scarf from this current season....
  12. I really like the blue Central Park scarf. It's TDF!!!!
  13. or I can wear my RO scarf in aqua. shout out to seton.
  14. They are all great.

    *hic* can you pass me more wine that is on the stairs???:graucho::angel:
  15. ALL ARE BEauTiFul!!! :tup::tup: