Take a guess...

  1. Anyone care to guess what bag we'll give away for the official tPF 1 Year Anniversary celebration... :angel:

    Hint: The section I posted this thread in should give you a good idea. :graucho:
  2. Hmm... I dont know! Im sure its something awesome :smile:
  3. Black MC Speedy?
  4. Mono Speedy 30?
  5. hmmm... I wanna say Speedy... but somehow I dont think so.. Since most of us have one or more...
  6. mono pochette
  7. OMG an LV giveaway. That's exiting.

    a Damier Saleya?? :angel: hee hee
  8. Mmmm, damier speedy?
  9. Oh I know! What about a Keepall???
  10. Do we get a hint as to the price range???
  11. Whaat? Giveaway:wtf:? Anything LV is awesome! Maybe a pochette?
  12. Pochette, nah. Speedy, nah.
  13. Your new 17 inch laptop bag?:love: :love:
  14. Cles??
  15. Wapity!
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