Take a Candy Bar and join me in my wait for the Fedex man.

  1. :popcorn::drinkup:
    My First 30 Blue Jean Birkin is at the LOCAL FEDEX FACILITY.
    Estimated delivery
    Dec 10, 2007 by 12:00 PM :sad: Its Saturday Dec 8 1.04pm

    I cannot contain my excitment.. Im trembling.. Anybody waiting for the "Ding DOng" pls join me..
  2. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how exciting and congrats!!:yahoo:
  3. Where are the candy bars??...I'll keep you company!
  4. ^^^ thanks ladies..

    I have M&Ms, Hesheys, Snickers, Mars, Calbury. Take Your Pick. Ha!
  5. Are you doing express mail on the candy bars?!?! BTW Congratulations!!!!!!
  6. :popcorn: That's my DREAM bag! PHW? Oh, that's so wonderful for you! Congratulations! I can't wait to see pics!
  7. Ooooh anticipation..............
  8. Can I have a chocolate martini?

    Congrats, Chpwhy!!!
  9. Here ya go, L2C! :drinkup:
  10. YES YES YES!! I cant wait too.. This is gonna be the longest weekend ever.. HA!! I usually cannot wait for the weekend to arrive, now i cant wait for it to end..
  11. Oh, girl, I'm so happy for you! :yahoo: :flowers: I'll gladly keep the candlelight Birkin vigil going with you!

    ETA: Your doggies are BEAUTIFUL!
  12. congratulations before the arrival!

    and I will come back to see the beauty!

    long wait, isn't it? If i were you, i surely couldn't sit in front of a computer ....
  13. If you feel like flying to Oregon and going to my National Guard unit's annual family holiday dinner...feel free! It will eat up some time! And free food and santa claus and gingerbread houses and whatnot...woo hoo!
    that goes for anybody reading this, actually :smile:

    I can't wait to see a reveal of your beautiful BJ baby girl! That will be so amazing! BJ is so awesome with PHW!!!!!!

    I hate waiting for FedEx too...grrrrrr....
  14. my heart is pounding.....
    waiting to see.....
  15. woww!!!:yahoo: excited for you! congrats!!