TAKE 2, Reveal...Most classic LV!


Nov 28, 2008
Washington DC
So, I purchased the Mono Speedy 25 (need a smaller, hand-held bag for casual outings), but am totally on the fence (thus my other thread). I do love it, just not sure if I should hold out and wait to get something nicer...alma in vernis perhaps or tivoli pm...but I do LOVE that the speedy is the most 'iconic' LV and will be forever a staple.

At any rate, here it is on me...drum roll...LOL!

Louis III

Jul 8, 2008
I think it looks good on you, but I would personally opt for something less common - a Vernis alma would be great, and the Tivoli is lovely. I just cannot stand all the teens with their fakes (at least around my area) when it comes to the Speedy. But as said, you do carry it well!