Takashi Murakami MOCA launch/ LTD EDT PICTURES :)

  1. So I just got in from the Moca Launch, just fabulous people came out with the big guns tonight, I saw fabulous Eye dare you's Cherry Blossom galore, The exhibit is fabulous! Takashi is amazing, it honestly felt like being in the superflat commercial that surfaced on youtube. But now to the good part, after anxiously awaiting to get to the MOCA store, There was a LINE that took forever only let 5 people in at a time, So me and a friend decided to wait until it died down, we went into this hallway with walls and ceilings FILLED with sakuras [Cherry blossoms] And came to a dead end we turn around and TAKASHI MURAKAMI IS WALKING UNATTENDED IN THE SAME DIRECTION AS US ON HIS CELL PHONE! We passed him and practically wet ourselves and then decided WE'VE GOT TO GO BUY THE LV NOW! Lol. So we go back up to the store, wait in the line, At least 15 ppl flew in from Tokyo to make purchases, fabulous older Japanese women with Crocodile Birkins and Kellys etc all lining up to support their habit Haha I have LOADS of pictures to upload and show but here's what I came home with A Monogram LV Hands round coin purse and A black MC agenda :smile: Enjoy...More to come

  2. omg look at that rond:drool: congrats...

    and ooooh I can't wait to see more pics do share:popcorn:
  3. OMG!! I love that rond! I want one!!!
  4. Fabulous! Love them both! Congrats!
  5. They're too cute! Congrats!
  6. Wow, you saw the man in person! I think I would have followed him. Probably would have been arrested:lol:. Love the new babies, congratulations!
  7. sooo jealous! Love your new agenda and coin purse - ugh, I WISH I could go to this show! :sweatdrop:
  8. OMG!!! Cannot wait for my trip to MOCA in two weeks!
    I am hoping there will lots of stuff left.
  9. Wow that is amazing. I love the agenda. THey won't have it in USA right? do they? I love the mushroom dude. He's so cute.
  10. so cool! congrats on your purchases.
  11. wow sounds so cool!!~
    do you mind me asking how much the agenda was?
  12. that LV hands rond is very cute! :nuts: thanks for sharing your experience. you should've asked him to sign your goodies.
  13. Love your items! Congrats on it! And I can't believe you saw Takashi Murakami unattended! :wtf::yahoo:

    So there are only 3 items featured inthe store? The LV Hands neverfull, rounds and Moca Agendas? Were there any other items or characters? And could you let us know some of the prices.

    Cannot wait till you load more pictures!

    And thanks for uploading these! ! !
  14. [​IMG]

    "Eye" series canvas pieces on the walls were for sale too :]
    If you look really close you can see they had Onionhead jewlery boxes
    and retro bags CB & Cerises keepalls etc. a long with the Eye Dare You!
    UGH just fabulous.
    One of the big guns :smile:

    Coveted Multicolore trunk filled with goodies, $500k.
    Louis Vuitton Monogram hand neverfulls $860PM, $940[?]MM, & $980GM
    Counter display, limited to 2 items per person, they were taking orders via post-it & prepping the bags for you to come to the counter, you gave you name, showed ID & Credit card, swiped card, signed and got out that quick.
    Erica, from South Coast Plaza is fabulous. Lol. She totally smiled when I mention rebecca lol [LVBABYDOLL] lol Loves it.

    VIP[VIC] party tomorrow night :smile:
    Tonight was just the moca members thing.
    Gasp! Hahaha they're strict with taking pictures
    so Be CAREFUL lol.
  15. Monogrammed canvas agenda was $500
    Multicolored agenda were 694 or 698.
    16X16 canvas art in multicolore & cerises $1016
    And Larger pieces exclusively for VIP, so will tell
    tomorrow or Monday!