Takashi Murakami illustrates new Kanye West album cover

  1. This is only indirectly LV-related but I posted here because this is truly the only forum on tPF where members would be interested to see this artwork.

    West is a loyal devotee of both LV and Murakami. I hope LV rehires Murakami again for another seasonal line...
  2. cool...... this is good news. looking forward for more lovely designed bags!
  3. hmm k...
  4. Cool.
  5. IMO, not the best work Murakami has done.
  6. So cute! I will definitely have to see Murakami's work at MOCA in Los Angeles.
  7. Aww Cute! LOL
  8. Nice, thanks for sharing!
  9. Interesting...It does not "pop" as much as his LV designs, but it must have been what Kanye wanted.
  10. really cute.
  11. Cute, he's very talented [Both Murakami and Kanye :p]
  12. Ugh...not the best Ive seen...but what can I say, I really dislike Kanye, so It doesnt bother me.
  13. cute...can't wait for Kanye's new album to come out!
  14. Awe, the bear is cute but the words are sorta hard to read :hrmm:
  15. Cute (the bear)