Taiwanese drama: SMILING PASTA

  1. I loveeeeee it! I want to buy the dvd with ENGLISH subtitles. Anyone know where I can find this for cheap? I'm looking on eBay, it's a bit much considering I want to buy Why Why Love and Devil Beside You too.

  2. OOOPS, this needs to be moved to Television, totally forgot about that thread. SORRY!
  3. :yes: There is a Taiwanese drama thread.
  4. ME TOO!!! Let me know if you find someplace to buy it! eBay must be cheaper than YesAsia though... :p

    I love love love Smiling Pasta!!! It makes me feel all warm and happy inside. Just the right amount of cheesiness for me. :smile:
  5. have you checked out It started w a kiss 1 and 2 (they kiss again), gosh...i love them
  6. ^I love the Kiss series too. Kiss Again (I think that's the title of the sequel) is playing right now, and bf managed to find a site (site is in Chinese) for me to download the episodes. :yahoo: I think the show is on episode #7 now.
  7. yeah, im waiting everyday for each EP. i can only understand it w subs though. JOE CHENG---hot
  8. School started, no time for dramas for awhile! =(
  9. Why does Pasta Smile?
  10. Apparently in the drama, pasta is the cure to all of life's problems!!! ;)

    BTW Smiling Pasta is the name of a pasta dish in the series.

    I could sure go for some 'Instantly Know Everything I Need to Know for Midterms Pasta'!
  11. I loved smiling pasta! plus all the pastas looked delish! I dont have it on dvd/vcd but I do occasionally watch it on mysoju or crunchyroll.
  12. I just watched the whole thing again within 3 days. I just can't get enough! He Qun is soooooooooo sweeeeeeeeet to her!
  13. Hmm...have u seen "romantic princess"??? that was pretty good too! and not to get seriouslt out of topic but has anyone heard about the Edison Chen news?!?!!? OMG!!!!!:weird::shocked:

  14. I need some "Pass all classes with flying colors pasta" mMmm!
  15. Look what I found...


    CUTE! Makes me want to watch it againnn!