Food taiwan shaved snow recipe?


Jan 29, 2008
Hi, I was wondering if there are anybody from Taiwan here that knows the recipe of how they make shave snow? I know it has milk in it but does anybody know an exact recipe? thanks!


Jan 24, 2009
I'm right here!
I think condense milk tastes alot better than using plain milk. You can also add a little syrup and then add on your own toppings such as grass jelly, red beans, tapioca, corn and my personal favorite, mochi. Yumm! Hope this helps a little. If anyone has an actual recipe, please share! :biggrin:
OT- OP i love totoro :love:

the original ones is just regular shaved ice and add toppings like simplygm819 said. For 绵绵冰, people use dry milk powder, water and corn/fruit sugar to make the ice bricks for machine to shave off of in Taiwan. but i just pour water down condense milk into ice cube trays, blend it w/blender, and add toppings :flowers: