Taiwan or Philippine LV?

  1. Hi everyone! Does any of you know whether its cheaper to buy LV in Taiwan or in Philippines? Coz I'll be going to Taiwan this end of Feb. TIA! :smile:
  2. Honestly, I have no idea but you could claim tax?
  3. Hmmm.. that's a point...

    Or anyone know the price of Ursula, Rita, Hampstead PM in Taiwan? Just so I have a comparison.
  4. i myself do not know, but definitely both places are more expensive than hongkong (philippines 30% higher than HK). in fact, many taiwanese friends buy their LV in HK/USA/Europe fyi.
  5. You are quite right. Usually, I buy get someone to buy them from europe. I think it is also cheaper to buy in US now due to the exchange rate.
  6. Yeah. Might as well know if its cheaper in Taiwan than in Phil, coz I don't wanna buy LVs in Phil coz it's 20,000 pesos cheaper to buy from Hong Kong. I got my Ursula in HK for about 87,340 pesos, while it's 110,000 pesos in the Philippines. I wonder if its also the same in Taiwan. hehe