Taipei Hermes

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  1. hi, friends, I am planing on buying a blue jean togo 30 or 35 cm berkin. im not sure how long the wait list is in taipei now. how long does it usualli take if u order it in Taipei? My dad is also in Italy now. It seems to me that its a lot faster to get it in italy. should i ask him to check out the H stores there? if they say i still need to wait, will they mail it to taipei and i can get it in the taipei store?
    also, how much is a 30 cm togo berkin? and 35cm?
    is the price lower in Europe than in Asia/Taiwan?
    the last thing is, im 5"2, which size fits me better?
    thank u all, cant wait to c ur reply~
  2. Hello! I actually don't own a Birkin (yet) so I can only answer a few of your questions. I've only been staying in Taipei for about a year, but last week I went to the Hermes at Sogo in Taipei with my mom, to look for ties for my dad. There was only one gray Picotin, a violet Vespa, and a few Garden Parties. I even asked if they had Picotins in other colors, but she said whatever they had was already on display :hrmm:.

    I recently started saving up for my dream Birkin, so when the SA was ringing us up, I asked her about Birkins and Kellys, and she said that I could only get one by ordering, and that the waitlist is 5-6 years. When my mom heard that she went, "Did you say, 'YEARS'?!? :wtf::wtf::wtf:" (She says she was sure she misheard the SA and she had said 5-6 days, since 'year' and 'day' in Chinese sound a little similar.) Hehe, I still LOL when I think of how my mom's face looked. Afterwards she said, she hadn't wanted a Birkin or Kelly that much before because although they were pretty, they were so expensive, but if it was that "special" that she might have to rethink her opinion! My mom is so cute, now that she knows it's hard to get, it makes her want to get it :roflmfao:.

    In my opinion, the Hermes at the Regent Galleria has a somewhat better selection, so maybe you want to ask there - they have more scarves and Twillys (which is what I normally look for in H stores), and I've also seen two Lindys and a Kelly there before. They get a ton of Japanese tourists everyday, so *maybe* they have a decent number of Birkins coming in...but don't quote me on that :Push:. I've never asked that store about the waitlist, since I haven't gone recently (and I only started wanting a Birkin in recent months, from seeing them on TPF!!).

    Someone else can confirm/deny this, as I haven't actually tried the process of getting a Birkin in Taiwan. My guess is that it works a bit like the other countries in Asia (minus Japan, where they have Birkins sitting on their shelves): they discourage random people wanting to buy Birkins/Kellys by telling them that super long waitlist time, and the incoming bags probably only go to their VIPs. So unless you (or your dad) are a celebrity, otherwise well-known figure, or a long-time $$ H customer, it would be difficult, or maybe just take a really, really long time.

    I believe prices in Asia are cheapest in HK and most expensive in Japan. When a scarf in the US still only cost $325, a scarf in Tokyo cost around $415. This was in mid-January though, and with the plummeting dollar and price adjustments, I'm not certain where things stand now - the TPF H experts will have to help you with that, as I'm still learning about these things :smile:.
  3. Totally true.

    Also works the same way in Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore and KL too.
  4. I know I don't have the knowledge to speak with authority on the subject, so thank you very much for confirming that, Accessorize*me :heart:!
  5. Doesn't sound like an easy feat. Europe is a much better bet since they have birkins sitting on shelves. If you plan to visit NY anytime soon, they have a pretty decent collection too as long as you're not too picky about color/ leather/ hardware combos. Good luck!
  6. thank u all for ur posts~ im actualli studying in pittsburgh, i sometimes go to NY. but just dont kno if they will take me seriously since im like 20 yr old~
    also, how about the price in the US comparing with Europe. i kno that u dont need to pay tax in most countries in Europe.
  7. If they do not take you seriously, then I say it is their loss! :yes:

    For Europe, it may be cheaper since tourists get VAT refund.
  8. Europe is cheap, but don't count on Italy. I went to the H shops in Venice, Florence, Rome and Milan last Nov and was told all the Birkins/Kellys on display were all sold. And don't count on the service, either... especially if you happen to be Asian.

  9. dont worry they will take you seriously. first time i walked into an H store i was 20 years old and the experience was pleasant. wall street and the madison store have decent inventory and my H ladies here score great bags from there by just walking in. if you are around DC area, the vienna store has great inventory too. you can find a variety of bags here but birkin is still quite rare. they do have alot at the back though but they are usually on reserve till the clients decline them

    let me know if you ever come to the DC store, i can introduce u to my lovely SA.:yes:

    also, i own a BJ Togo 35 and larger bags make it more casual. i cant imagine having a 30cm birkin. but then again many ladies here love their 30cm. i think you should try one on if you have a chance to see which fits u better.
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    Planning a trip to Taipei very soon. Which is a better store to visit for B/K/C? Asking for my mom.