Tailoring /Alterating CHANEL Clothes

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  1. A New tPF member brought up a great question but was unable to ask the forum herself (can't open a thread yet) so I thought I'd do it for her. Please take this down if it is not allowed though.

    Originally Posted by NabilaM

    Hey everyone! :smile:

    I'm a new member, so I couldn't post a thread. But I am wondering if anyone had any success in bringing their CHANEL clothes for tailoring at the CHANEL boutique? Hope to hear anyones experience. I heard it is best to bring it to CHANEL because the tailors are trained especially for CHANEL clothes.
  2. Thank you so much beautiful! This means a lot :heart:!

    I hope everyone can share any experience they had with tailoring their CHANEL clothes at the CHANEL boutique or anywhere else!!!

    Muah, muah, muah!:heart:
  3. I've only had jackets tailored at Neiman Marcus. I bought a jacket at last call that was a size too small and NM tailors let it out. I've also had sleeves shortened. They did a good job. Obviously it's better to get a jacket in your size.
  4. Majority of my jackets go through the Chanel Boutique for alterations for the best fit, whether it's the sleeves, shoulders, or sizing down. I'm very pleased with the finished work.
  5. Thanks dear! We don't have Neiman Marcus here in Canada, but we have Holt Renfrew and I believe they have tailoring services, I'll have to check it out!

    I agree, everything needs to be tailored to fit you. :heart:
  6. Hi hun! Thanks for sharing! :smile:

    I just bought my CHANEL blazer and skirt, and they told me that alterations/tailoring is free within two years! I guess I'll go and have it tailored at the boutique!!! :smile:
  7. FREE only if you pay the full retail price.
  8. Most dept stores will send it off to be tailored to fit you, but it does not mean they send it to Chanel "specialty" tailors. It's whatever company/tailor they have a contract with. Just because you buy Chanel does not mean the item is sent to a Chanel Tailor.

    Ive had some jackets/pants tailored over the years and Ive been happy with NM, Saks and even my own tailor who isn't around anymore :sad: a great tailor is so hard to find but most dept stores have good tailors and most offers "guarantee" if the item is damaged in the process.
  9. Lol! I paid the full retail price :smile:

    I wasn't sure how good the tailoring would be, but I gave it in today! The seamstress was very nice and took accurate measurements. She knew exactly what to do! :smile:
  10. Thanks for the great info Candy!!!

    I guess its just about finding the best tailor, which can be hard especially when your dealing with CHANEL clothing... I will update everyone on my progress with the CHANEL seamstress!!! :smile:
  11. That's great to hear!! I have always been hesitant to buy any Chanel Clothes because they always run so big but now I know what to do!! ^_^
  12. Hehe! Thanks lilobubbletea! (Btw, I can open threads now hehe, thanks again for everything beautiful!!!)

    The clothes are expensive, even if you are rich - especially paying retail (not that I am bragging at all!!!). But it is definitely worth it. The workers at Chanel work so hard and I've seen the dedication, talent, and long hours put into these clothes, there is NO WAY you cannot appreciate these beautiful clothes!

    AND an update - the seamstress is wonderful. She did the tailoring perfectly!!! All the patterns are matched up, and it fits perfectly. If anyone wants to have their Chanel clothes tailored, make sure to bring it to the Chanel boutique or which every department store you got it from (they will do it free for you because that's their service - only if you bought it within two years though, especially at Chanel!).

    Good luck everyone!!! :heart: xoxo! :smile:
  13. That's awesome! I will definitely keep you updated if I ever buy some Chanel clothes. I was actually wanting a chanel jacket for the longest time now. Hopefully they will come out with one that I will like. If you don't mind me asking, do you know the price for a chanel tweed jacket?

    I hope you can post modeling photos soon!! ^_^
  14. I usually bring everything to my seamstress whom I call miracle worker. I've had a Rick Owens leather JK altered down from IT 42 to IT 38, I brought all of my Chanels to get altered. But I'm thinking of trying out the Chanel seamstress at my boutique as the boutique is closer to me than the seamstress I always go to.

    Chanel JKs run from around $3K-$11K depending on the material and the level of ornamentation. A regular tweed would go for around $4900.

    GL, they're totally worth it!!!!!
  15. Is it possible to alter a Chanel skirt for a size up, if the skirt is too tight?