Tailoring a Burberry coat?

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  1. Just wanted to see if anyone has done any tailoring for Burberry coats in the past...

    What is safe to Taylor and what is not? I'm looking at taking in the sleeves a bit and take an inch off the waist.
  2. I got the sleeves taken in a little on one trench and the length shortened on another. I find that Burberry SAs always try to discourage tailoring trenches, so you might have to be persistent to get the alterations you want.
  3. Good to know. Do you know if Burberry SA will let me tailor an outlet coat?
  4. I had a Burberry Jacket that bought in the sale was a bit big, thinking it was just a matter of shortening the sleeves.

    I took it to a trusted tailor and he actually warned me against it because of the structured shoulder-line (he's sized down a very fitted JPG jacket and a Chanel leather waistcoat before). I ended up selling it last year and taking a hit.
  5. They will tailor a Burberry trench for you no matter where it was purchased. They will charge you for the alterations if the coat was purchased more than 3 months ago. But it is not expensive for sleeve shortening, narrowing of the sleeves or shortening of the length.
  6. Burberry doesn't alter length anymore, or at least here in Toronto. They will still shorten sleeves for a reasonable price.