Tailor made Choos

  1. I have just found out that Jimmy Choo has a shop here in London where all itmes in their collection can be made to order. They take measurements of your feet and your shoes are ready of a couple of weeks. They are only open by appointment. Now, I know this is not cheap and I fully expect it to cost more than buying the shoes off the shelves but I wonder if anyone knows how much you should expect to pay for something like this.

    Any luckly ladies done this before? Experiences? I'd love to have shoes tailor made!

  2. Sounds great - if you do it, be sure to post details! I wonder if you can get some styles in colors offered on different styles?
  3. good to know...if my feet grow beyond a size 42 after having kids I am happy to know I will still have an option available to me for high end shoes.