1. How do you deal with them? I was driving on a rainy night curvy road and there was a car right on my butt...there was no place for me to pull over as I continued to do the speed limit. At one point they put their brights on. I was enraged. What would you have done? After what seemed like an eternity I was able to pull over and then......
  2. Go slower.
  3. That's what they teach in driver's ed I think. What I wanted to do was then get behind them and put my brights on to teach them a lesson...I do have turbo on my car!
  4. LOL I mean really slow. I remember I was looking for parking in Manhattan once and this person behind me kept beeping. I went like 2 mph and they couldn't go around me. Then when I got to the light, I got out of the car and asked them what their problem was. The woman thought I was crazy and rolled her window up very quickly and went around me when the light changed. Then I started following her and she sped off. Then I called 911 and reported her for speeding, that they had a baby in the car and saying she was swerving and I felt they were drunk. Try that next time. :devil:
  5. Oooh Hubba you're putting ideas in my head! I would be scared of actual confrontation in case they had a gun.....
  6. That story made me laugh. :roflmfao::devil:
  7. I hate tailgaters. It even pi$$es me off when I see it happening to someone else.
  8. On top of it, my friend in the passenger seat was like "they almost hit a pedestrian! think of the children!!!" :roflmfao:
  9. I just keep going slower and slower until they get the idea and back off.
  10. I have only done this once. Since I know how fast my car will take off, I just slammed on the brakes, and then immediately floored it. Thinking back, that was really dangerous. But the other driver did back off after that.
  11. I go slower. Brake to get your point across. They'll see your brake lights and stop tailgating. I do this whenever I get beeped from behind as well.
  12. I put on my hazards. If that doesn't work, I'll switch between my left and right blinker.
  13. I flip them off.
  14. Same. That's what my sun roof is for.
  15. Yeah, and if you steer with your knee sometimes you can get both hands through your sunroof.