tail for our balenciaga?

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  1. Attached Files:

  2. Not my kind of thing.....
  3. Reminds me of early 2000 jpop fashion...
  4. I think its cute!
    but maybe bit better on a day-bag yes :yes:
  5. Totally J-pop. Not a big fan myself though.
  6. Not for me!
  7. imagine it getting caught as the train door closes. :whistle:
  8. ^^ :lol: :nuts:
  9. Looks like a ferret's hiding in there..
  10. no!
  11. lol, I was thinking that:biggrin:
  12. :alien: Finally I got to use this smilie! LOL
  13. i think it is adorable! but it kinda overwhelms the bag, no?
  14. oh wow....that is horrible
  15. Ummm... No. That is not the right definition of "getting some tail"!

    On the plus side, if someone runs away with your bag you will have a higher chance of snagging it back as it streams behind the thief in the wind!