Taiga Wallet for My Daddy-o's Birthday...whaddaya think??

  1. Hey everyone,

    Well, my beloved daddy's birthday is coming up and my bro and I wanted to get him something a lil special...he's never had anything LV before, and he works so hard...so I did a lil surfing on elux and was thinking of getting him the Taiga Billfold with 9 credit card slots Wallet.

    This wallet seems to be the perfect fit for him because it's a subtle, classy LV piece, and he doesn't use a coin pouch (his left pocket is used for that :rolleyes:)...but before I make my purchase *of course* I needed to ask the opinion of tpf-ers........."I mean...you wouldn't buy a dress without asking your friends if it looked good on you first, right?" (tiny reference to Mean Girls:jammin:)

    Anywho, I'd like to know what people think of the Taiga line...durable? any issues? is the leather super hard so it'll feel awkward in my dad's side pocket, or is the leather a tad too soft so it'll wear out quickly? Any/all help is much appreciated!:okay:
    Taiga Front.jpg Taiga Inside.jpg
  2. I dont like the plastic inserts, why not just go for the normal 6cc bill fold for $330?

    I love my taiga Ivan, its very durable... love it

    He will have no problems!
  3. i thought about that...but i wasn't sure - is the 9 fold the same as the 6 fold just w/o the plastic??
  4. I love taiga 9cc slots wallet, the leather so smooth...
    Last week just bought the wallet for my hubby x'mas gift !!

    Definitely he will love it !! Good choice!! :tup:
  5. I don't like the plastic either. Get something in Damier or mono- he'll enjoy it.
    I bought my bf a damier one and he loved it
  6. I think that's a perfect gift! I was thinking of getting my dad something similar, actually....
  7. That's exactly the wallet my siblings and I bought for our Dad's xmas gift! I think it's perfect because it's so elegant! I personally think the Damier and Mono patterns are not so suitable for older men, so the Taiga is perfect.
  8. It's a great wallet, I'm sure he'll love it!
  9. i love Taiga and its one of LVs most resilient leathers. my one and only wallet is a Taiga vertical and i've had it for about 4 years now and it still looks great. you couldn't have picked a better wallet than a Taiga wallet. but maybe get him a Florin or a 9 card billfold instead?
  10. Isn't the plastic removeable?

    I think this is the wallet I got my fiance'. He loves his. Very discrete and classy.
  11. I bought my dad a Taiga wallet for Xmas last year and he loves it!
  12. eek....so i went to the lv at holt's today to chck out the taiga wallets, and i have to say that i didn't enjoy it nearly as much as in the pics...i asked to see the other wallets as well and the utah looked really gorgeous, but it's too hefty for my dad to use...i also saw an epi wallet, but it wasn't quite my cup of tea either.........................i'm startin' to wonder if lv has yet to make the perfect wallet for my dad...:sad:
  13. The plastic can be taken out, I think. I personally love that wallet and plan to get myself one sometime.
  14. my hubby has the taiga bookfold wallet with 9 credit card slots and he LOVES his. it doesn't scream LV, has a whole bunch of pockets and such. he used to go through wallets at least once a year, and he's had the same wallet for prob at least 3-4 years now...and it looks great! :tup: i don't prefer mono or damier for most older men, and personally love the taiga for men. we actually just got my father in law the wallet u were considering for xmas as well!
  15. My dad has a taiga wallet and he loves it :biggrin: The leather is really nice :biggrin: